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Baku condemns Yerevan for fresh provocations, deadly clashes on state border

13 September 2022 11:00 (UTC+04:00)
Baku condemns Yerevan for fresh provocations, deadly clashes on state border

By Vugar Khalilov

Baku has condemned Yerevan for the provocations and deadly clashes that erupted on September 12 on the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border, Azernews reports, citing the Foreign Ministry.

“Responsibility for the provocation, clashes, and losses lies with the military-political leadership of Armenia. Any actions against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan will be resolutely prevented,” the ministry said in a statement.

It added that on September 12, 2022, starting late at night, the units of the Armenian armed forces launched large-scale provocations in the directions of Dashkasan, Kalbajar, and Lachin on the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border.

In conformity with the information provided by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, sabotage groups of the Armenian armed forces planted landmines between the positions of Azerbaijan's army units and the supply roads in different directions, taking advantage of the mountainous terrain area and existing valley gaps.

Furthermore, Armenian military forces used a variety of weaponry, including mortars, to attack Azerbaijani army positions in Dashkasan, Kalbajar, and Lachin directions, causing casualties among the Azerbaijani military personnel, as well as inflicting damage on the military infrastructure, the ministry detailed.

“In order to prevent further provocations by the armed forces of Armenia and military threats against the territory and sovereignty of our country, to ensure the safety of our military personnel, including civilian workers involved in infrastructure activities in the territory of Kalbajar and Lachin districts, the expansion of the scale of the military hostilities was averted, and in order to silence the firing points of the armed forces of Armenia, definitive retaliatory measures were taken by the units of the Azerbaijani Army deployed in this direction,” it stressed.

The ministry denounced Armenia's statement about the Azerbaijani Army's alleged targeting of citizens, facilities, and infrastructure as "disinformation" and wide of the mark.

“Moreover, the information disseminated by the Armenian side that the Azerbaijani Army allegedly is targeting the civilian population, facilities, and infrastructure does not reflect reality, and is another disinformation spread by the Armenian side,” it stressed.

Provocations by the Armenian armed forces in the directions of Lachin, Gadabay, Dashkasan, and Kalbajar districts on the state border, as well as cases of shelling of Azerbaijani Army positions in those regions with various types of weapons, were severe and systematic throughout the preceding month. Concurrently, heightened militarization along Azerbaijani borders, as well as the deployment of heavy equipment and large-caliber weapons in the region, hinted that Armenia was preparing for a large-scale military provocation.

Furthermore, the ministry emphasized that Armenia's recent disruptive moves undercut the normalization process with Azerbaijan and indicate the country's lack of willingness in achieving regional peace.

“At the same time, delaying the normalization process by Armenia with various pretexts, showing a destructive position in the negotiations conducted with international efforts, not withdrawing the Armenian armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan contrary to the obligations within the framework of trilateral statements and agreements, continuing planting landmines, including recently produced in Armenia in the territory of Lachin, putting forward new conditions and disrupting the process of opening of communications and transport routes, as well as not responding to the peace agenda demonstrated that Armenia is not interested in the peace process and aims to undermine them,” the ministry underlined.

The Armenian attack against Azerbaijan is a flagrant breach of international law, as well as the requirements of the trilateral declarations made by the Azerbaijani, Armenian, and Russian leaders and the agreements established between Azerbaijan and Armenia, it added.

“These steps of Armenia are completely contrary to the ongoing normalization and peace process. At the time, when Azerbaijan is carrying out large-scale restoration and construction works in these territories liberated from occupation, Armenia, by allowing aggression once again, demonstrates that it is hindering this process by all means,” the statement concluded.


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