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Over 34 kg of drugs seized from Iran citizen in liberated Gubadli [PHOTO]

16 March 2022 17:46 (UTC+04:00)
Over 34 kg of drugs seized from Iran citizen in liberated Gubadli [PHOTO]

By Vugar Khalilov

Officers of the State Customs Committee have foiled an attempt to smuggle over 34 kg of drugs into Azerbaijan from Iran, the committee reported on March 16.

A truck driven by an Iranian citizen carrying goods from Iran to Armenia through the territory of Azerbaijan was detained during customs control at the Gubadli customs post of the Southern Territorial Main Customs Office.

During the interrogation, the driver ruled out the existence of any hidden items, including drugs and psychotropic substances in the truck that must be declared to the custom control.

As a result of the inspection, about 4 kg of drugs (hashish resin), 8 methadone pills (with the mark "ddp/ M20"), 2 "Alprazolam 1mg" pills, as well as over 30 kg of drugs (opium) hidden in the cab of the truck was discovered.

An investigation has been launched into the case by the relevant government bodies, the committee said.

It should be noted that methadone is included in List II of drugs restricted for circulation in Azerbaijan and the total amount of methadone in 8 tablets is 0.16 grams.

On the other hand, Alprazolam is included in List III of controlled psychotropic substances in Azerbaijan and the total amount of the active substance of alprazolam in 2 tablets is 0.002 grams.

After liberating its lands from Armenian occupation during the 44-day war in 2020, Azerbaijan regained control over the 132-km section of the Azerbaijan-Iran border.

After the restoration of its territorial integrity, Azerbaijan is taking steps to ensure the safety and restoration of order in the liberated lands. One of these measures is to halt the flow of drugs in the region that was previously controlled by Armenia's illegal regime in Karabakh.

Armenia used Karabakh and the surrounding seven regions for illegal activities such as arms and drug trafficking during its 30-year occupation. Despite the fact that Azerbaijan repeatedly raised the issue with international organizations, Armenia continued in the same vein, creating all of the necessary conditions for the illegal cultivation, production, and distribution of narcotic substances.

In an interview with the local media in late 2021, a senior official of the State Customs Committee said that Afghanistan is a major producer of drugs. As Iran borders with both Afghanistan and Azerbaijan, drugs are traditionally smuggled in from Afghanistan into Iran and then into Azerbaijan. Given Azerbaijan's geographical location, drug traffickers attempt to smuggle drugs into European countries along the Balkan route via the country.


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