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"Azerbaijani Musavat party's European Coordination Center let Germany down"

29 January 2020 10:15 (UTC+04:00)
"Azerbaijani Musavat party's European Coordination Center let Germany down"

By Trend

Leadership of the European Coordination Center of Azerbaijani Musavat party, headed by Ilham Hasan, let the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany down by its criminal acts, journalist living in Europe Yafez Akramoglu, said to members of the European Coordination Center.

“Perhaps, you have already been summoned for investigation, or will be summoned,” Akramoglu said on Facebook, Trend reports. “Otherwise, you should go there yourselves. Don't be afraid to tell it how it was in the European Coordination Center. Let each and everyone of you tell what he/she seen or heard. Either way, almost the entire activity of the European Coordination Center is of criminal nature.”

“I know that most of you failed to obtain refugee status while some individuals are expecting deportation every minute,” the journalist said. “The European Coordination Center deceived you, issued (sold) certificates, persuaded not to be afraid, promised protection. Meanwhile the center threatened to write a denunciation to the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and make sure you're deported, if you protest."

The journalist also warned what the individuals who have been deceived by the European Coordination Center, will face if they do not give testimony to the German authorities.

“By cooperating with the investigative bodies, they will become important witnesses,” the journalist said.

“At least until the end of the investigation, no one will deport you, because you are important witnesses,” said Yafez Akramoglu. “This is prescribed in the law, and the investigation will last for a couple of years. This way, you can once again legally seek asylum. This time you will have more chances. By its unlawful actions, the management of the European Coordination Center of Musavat Party led by Ilham Hasan betrayed the German state.”

“This state knows how to value loyalty, but doesn’t forgive betrayal,” said the journalist. “Remember, if you bought documents from the European Coordination Center, you aren’t responsible. Rest assured! You are a victim of a crime. Fraudsters took your money by cheating. After all, you have nothing to lose after getting refusal for your asylum claims.”

Akramoglu added that he will support anyone who tells, or wants to tell the truth to the investigation.

“Don’t be afraid of anyone,” the journalist noted. “The criminals are being watched, they themselves know it perfectly. They can’t threaten you. They are only 5-10 people awaiting their arrest. However, having made a confession, you will deserve protection of the German state.”

In November 2019, a scandal broke out, when German law enforcement authorities detained former members of the Musavat party. Local federal courts chose a preventive measure in the form of arrest for a period of six months in relation to the detained.

As a result of an investigation conducted by the German police, those arrested involved in “emigration business” in Germany, are suspected of smuggling of at least 20 people to Germany.

In accordance with the decision of the German judicial authorities, former head of correctional institution of Azerbaijan’s penitentiary system Elchin Akbarov; Chairman of the Musavat party’s European Coordination Center, former head of the Kalbajar executive power Ilham Hasan; party member, Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Center Mehdi Khalilbayli; Musavat party activist Abdin Javadov; and former MP Sabir Rustamkhanli’s brother, Head of Leqat Integration Center, former police chief Alovsat Aliyev, have been arrested.

Among those arrested were also Mehdi Khalilbayli’s driver Rashad Mammadov and Musavat party member Elshan Abdullayev.


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