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Azerbaijan starts production of new UAV

14 April 2017 18:07 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan starts production of new UAV

By Rashid Shirinov

This year, Azerbaijan plans to start mass production of several weapons, including sniper rifle Yalguzag (Steppenwolf), light machine gun of special purpose, automatic grenade launch complex, machine guns of various calibers, F-1 typed hand grenade and other military products.

All the weapons were designed at the enterprises of the country’s Defense Industry Ministry.

The Defense Industry Ministry has recently revealed that an intensive work is ongoing on creation of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Zarba-KH. This UAV is a new type of Zarba-KМ UAV, which was previously successfully tested and launched into production.

Zarba-KH will be able to identify the enemy's manpower, military equipment and military facilities, and destroy it from a distance of 100 kilometers.

Azerbaijan leaves behind many CIS and regional countries to take its place among the first 60 strongest militaries of the world, according to the U.S.-based Global Firepower survey center.

The country, which is in war with neighboring Armenia over the latter's groundless territorial claims during more than 20 years, keeps in focus the armament. Azerbaijan creates its own armament and works closely with leading companies and firms in various fields of military industry.

The country's Defense Industry Ministry has increased the volume of defense industry products in 2016 by 1.6 times compared to 2015, while the product assortment rose by 1.8 times. Currently, twenty-eight military factories are operating within the Defense Industry Ministry.


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