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Belarusian President strongly advises Armenia not to take hasty decision

26 February 2024 15:21 (UTC+04:00)
Belarusian President strongly advises Armenia not to take hasty decision
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko advised the Armenian side not to hurry and not to make any sudden moves. He drew attention to Armenia's contacts with France, Azernews reports.

"They communicate with Emmanuel Macron in France all the time. Statements followed - France will help Armenia with air defence systems, military, and economic assistance. So, they will take Yerevan on their shoulders and carry it. No one will carry anyone. You see what is happening in France. Therefore, the politicians in Yerevan should wake up and, popularly speaking, they should not lose what they have," advised the President of Belarus in the course of communication with the media.

The President cited Georgia as an example: "Thank God, normal relations are being established first of all with Russia, and with us, the economy is rising. The West has tasted light bread. Americans have already forgotten about Georgia. As soon as Georgians started to move in the sense that this was their independent and sovereign country, the West started to put pressure on them. Including, first of all, the United States. So we should draw the appropriate conclusion. No one in the West needs them. There are thousands of problems there."

"Today, for example, in the US, Biden will support Ukraine, Armenia, and so on. Tomorrow, the power will change, and Trump will say, 'Look, I don't know you. My friends, I see you for the first time!" he added.

The President once again urged not to lose what you hold in your hands: "It's easy to get out, but it will be difficult to get in. Georgia is an example again. Well, it left the CIS and all its structures. Is it better for it? No. It is desirable to return. And it is always more difficult to return. There is a loss of face, and so on.


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