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Parties upbeat on upcoming meeting on Azerbaijan-Armenian border

29 November 2023 21:15 (UTC+04:00)
Parties upbeat on upcoming meeting on Azerbaijan-Armenian border
Asim Aliyev
Asim Aliyev
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After fully restoring sovereignty over its internationally recognized territories in Garabagh, Azerbaijan is looking to take further steps to sign a peace treaty. Despite the fact that 70 days have passed since the peace agreement was presented to Yerevan administration, the agreement has not yet been executed by the latter one. However, we would like to remind that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated in his October 30 speech that Azerbaijan and Armenia have agreed on three main principles for signing a peace agreement and normalizing relations.

"The first of them is mutual recognition of each other's territorial integrity: Baku recognizes the territory of Armenia as 29.8 thousand km2, and Yerevan recognizes the territory of Azerbaijan as 86.6 thousand km2," said the Armenian PM, noting that the figures were taken from the 1977 Soviet maps. according to the second principle, the parties have decided to implement delimitation based on the Almaty Declaration. The third principle is the opening of regional communications under the sovereignty and authority of the countries through which they pass, on the basis of equality and reciprocity.

Although the agreements on the three main principles mentioned above are accepted, the signing of the peace agreement is artificially delayed and prolonged.

The US and Western influence over Armenia, as well as the fact that Armenia acts under Western interests, are the main reasons for the delay of the peace agreement. Further to the US attempt to expand influence in the region, Washington is trying to pressure Azerbaijan not only on the pretext of Armenia, but also by financing some institutions under the name of NGOs in Azerbaijan, which is against the interests and legislation of the Azerbaijan state.

Let's remember that the recent approvals of James O'Brien, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, on the extension of the baseless section 902 amendment, which has seriously affected the American-Azerbaijani relations. Nevertheless, as if nothing had happened, on November 27, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a phone call to official Baku. Speaking to the Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev, in order to normalize relations, Secretary Blinken asked for permission for US Assistant Secretary of State James O'Brien to visit Azerbaijan in December. In addition, during the telephone conversation, President Ilham Aliyev stated that the recent statements and actions of the United States have seriously damaged Azerbaijan-American relations. The head of state noted that the views voiced by US Assistant Secretary of State James O'Brien about Azerbaijan at the hearings in the House of Representatives on November 15, 2023 were biased, did not reflect reality and were rejected by Azerbaijan.

If we look at the information mentioned above, it becomes clear that the plan of the USA and the West regarding Garabagh (South Caucasus) has been futile. Realizing that the situation will not bring any dividends for it, the USA decided to take a step back and restore relations with Azerbaijan. In general, the last hearings in the Congress and the attempt to create a pressure mechanism against Azerbaijan seemed to have the nature of a try out. Perhaps the West never thought that all these processes would end in such a way. But what was done from Washington to Baku once again proved that neither the USA nor other countries can use force against the political will of Azerbaijan.

Besides, if we look at the speech of the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Alen Simonyan, it becomes clear that the Armenian leadership has already come to terms with reality and understands that no country can put pressure on Azerbaijan, and that the signing of the peace treaty in the South Caucasus is an important factor not only for Azerbaijan, but also for Armenia. In his last speech, Alen Simonyan noted that the official Yerevan is ready to sign the peace agreement with Azerbaijan in the next 15 days. According to the speaker, an agreement was reached on all the main issues.

However, it should be noted that the recent arming of Armenia by India and France does not encourage Armenia's intention to conclude peace. In fact, the arming of Armenia may lead to the creation of an artificial source of conflict in the South Caucasus. This is a manifestation of the true political vision of the West under the slogan of democracy and human rights.

On the other hand, the fact that Armenia is taking steps under the dictates of the West seriously hinders the implementation of the peace agreement. Accusing Azerbaijan with an excuse or claim every time is not based on Yerevan's own ideas - of course, this is part of the plan of the Western parties that are hindering peace.

Despite all this, Azerbaijan always approaches the Armenian side with an open door principle in the peace issue and accepts any negotiations within this framework. According to the latest agreement, holding the next 5th meeting of the Commission on border security and delimitation of the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the border area tomorrow, November 30, 2023, also serves as an incentive for peace.


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