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Corrupted congressmen resort to new provocation against Azerbaijan

3 October 2023 17:51 (UTC+04:00)
Corrupted congressmen resort to new provocation against Azerbaijan

By Akbar Hasanov,

Everything about this news is funny. As the Armenian media happily report, “Nancy Pelosi and 75 members of the US Congress called on the presidential administration to impose sanctions on Azerbaijan, stop US military assistance to Baku, provide humanitarian assistance to the population “forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh”, and place international observers in the Lachin “corridor”".

Lies, as we see, here sit on lies and drive with lies. As we have already mentioned in previous publications, the United Nations (UN) has not recorded any evidence of negative behavior towards the Armenian residents of Garabagh, who leave these territories of their own free will and move to Armenia. This has already been stated by the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Armenia, Kavita Belani.

In addition, the UN mission, which recently visited the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan, published a final statement. “In the places it visited, the mission did not detect damage to civilian public infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and housing, as well as cultural and religious sites. The mission saw that the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan is preparing to resume medical services and some public services in the city,” the statement reads.

But that was not all. The statement also said that the mission had not received any complaints from either local residents interviewed or interlocutors regarding incidents of violence against civilians since the ceasefire. Additionally, while passing through Aghdam, the mission noted the destruction in that city during the Armenian occupation and the need for mine clearance, as well as reconstruction efforts undertaken by the Azerbaijani government.

This alone is enough to understand how absurd, cynical and smelling a mile away of Armenian cognac and dollars the initiative of the American congressmen led by Nancy Pelosi looks. But I’ll add one more important fact here so that “their stupidity can be seen by everyone.” The fact is that even the US State Department refused to call the departure of Armenians from the Garabagh economic region of Azerbaijan “ethnic cleansing”.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the United States takes allegations of "ethnic cleansing," "genocide" and other atrocities seriously: "We are aware of the situation. We will not hesitate to take appropriate action to respond to allegations of atrocities and bring those responsible to justice." "When we have evidence that it happened. But, as always, the decision to commit genocide or ethnic cleansing is a deliberate, fact-based process. I certainly can't talk about that right now."

Actually, the Garabagh Armenians cannot even be called refugees. “They (Garabagh Armenians) are actually entering the country whose passport they hold (Armenia), so they are not refugees,” said world-renowned regional security expert Robert Cutler about the return of Garabagh Armenians to Armenia. And this is the truth that biased American congressmen do not want to hear.

Their goal is simple and obvious - to help Armenia, which lost the war, feel at least something resembling the taste of victory in its mouth. At least in the form of condemnation of Azerbaijan. Such attempts failed twice in the UN Security Council. And now, as we see, there is an attack through the American Congress. At the same time, there are steps that run counter to the national interests of the United States. Severing relations with the leading state of the South Caucasus, which is Azerbaijan, in addition to the obvious complication of relations with Turkiye, which plays an indispensable role for the United States - and all this for the whim of a bunch of biased American congressmen?!

Yes, each of them carries a price tag. We all already know the price of Nancy Pelosi. In particular, her visit to Yerevan cost Armenian taxpayers $120 million. Of which $50 million is a one-time contribution to the Democratic Party, and the balance of $25 million is the cost of the visit itself, including flights and security for 72 hours. This is a perfect example of political corruption. But in the USA they prefer to pretend that this is not so.

They generally pretend that they do not see the US Armenian diaspora buying up congressmen and senators. Even after some of them, like the notorious Menendez, are caught taking bribes and receive serious charges against them, including charges of trading in secrets of national importance. Considering all this, we are faced with only one question - how much did this entire anti-Azerbaijani campaign cost the Armenian diaspora in the United States? We are talking, I suspect, about hundreds of millions of dollars. Which would be better spent on direct and open assistance from the Armenian diaspora in the United States for the Armenian minority in Garabagh. But the fact of the matter is that they crave something completely different. They are working on how to reignite the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. And now we will see whether the White House will follow the lead of these provocateurs. In my opinion, it is unlikely that the United States can afford such a luxury. Armenia, even if there is an attempt to encourage it for the adoption of the Rome Statute, was not, is not and will not be for the United States a state equal in importance to Azerbaijan, and even more so to the Azerbaijani-Turkish tandem.


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