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Citizens with light COVID-19 symptoms to be treated at home

1 July 2020 15:45 (UTC+04:00)
Citizens with light COVID-19 symptoms to be treated at home

By Ayya Lmahamad

Azerbaijan’s Health Ministry has announced that citizens with COVID-19 do not need to visit clinics anymore and will be treated at home from now on by signing written undertaking not to leave their homes.

So far, patients with symptoms have sought emergency medical care for COVID-19 testing directly at medical facilities.

Head of Health Ministry department Nadir Zeynalov said at the briefing of Operational Headquarters on June 30 that 39 coronavirus treatment points have been created on the basis of polyclinics in Baku and adjacent regions. From now on, information on persons who feel the signs of coronavirus will reach these points, and special medical team will visit this person and conduct tests.

If patients test positive, treatment will be performed at home under the supervision of a doctor. If the patient’s health condition worsens, he will be taken to one of the coronavirus treatment units.

Zeynalov added that the condition of such patients is controlled by district doctor via phone, and if necessary, the doctor will visit the patient at home to examine his condition.

Furthermore, the ministry official said that those patients who easily tolerate the disease and are treated under supervision of doctor at home, will be provided with medicines as well as vitamins through polyclinics.

Additionally, he emphasized that the hiring process of doctors has been announced, which will allow optimization of current work.

“The pandemic is unpredictable. No country's health care is ready for such a pandemic. It is possible to bring necessary equipment from outside, but it is impossible to bring doctors from abroad. Therefore, all countries have to improve the knowledge of their doctors,” he said.

During the briefing, Presidential aide Hikmat Hajiyev stressed that Azerbaijan continues international cooperation in connection with the COVID-19 with the World Health Organization.

He emphasized that one of the most important steps taken by Azerbaijan in the international arena was the President’s initiative to hold a special session of the UN General Assembly.

Hajiyev noted that the initiative was supported by more than 130 countries of the world, and it was a bright example of trust and respect for the Azerbaijani state.

Meanwhile, head of department of the Management Union of Medical Territorial Units in Azerbaijan (TABIB) Yagut Garayeva stated that Azerbaijan does not use rapid COVID-19 tests, as they were not approved by the World Health Organization and do not guarantee 100 percent detection of coronavirus infection.

"Today we are conducting PZR test, which has been evaluated by the WHO as the most effective test to detect coronavirus,” she said.

She emphasized that vaccine development is a long process, and so far there are no facts confirming that the vaccine has already been created in any country.

"There are no facts confirming that the vaccine has already been created in any country. After the development of the first trial versions of the vaccine it will be necessary to study its impact on the body. The use of trial vaccines has not yet begun. It is too early to talk about it yet,” Garayeva stated.

As of July 1, Azerbaijan has registered 17,524 COVID-19 cases and 213 coronavirus- related deaths. The total number of recovered patients is 9,715.


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