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Pakhlava, piti, kelagayi -- Azerbaijan's magical region, Sheki

22 April 2015 15:11 (UTC+04:00)
Pakhlava, piti, kelagayi -- Azerbaijan's magical region, Sheki

By Amina Nazarli

The Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre in Baku has opened its doors for a “From the regions to the capital” event, organized by Baku Culture and Tourism Department and Sheki Culture and Tourism Department on April 21.

The colorful event was devoted to Azerbaijan’s ancient and magnificent region of Sheki.

Visitors enjoyed the exposition, familiarizing themselves with region’s tourism potential and its rich historical and cultural heritage.

The exhibition also put on display beautiful samples of applied art masters, prints. Appetizing dishes from the regions, located in the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus as well as agricultural products were also offered to the guests.

Sheki city has long been a famous silk center and an important stop on the Great Silk Route. Since ancient times, Sheki has been famous for its silk, which has been used in the Middle East, Europe and India.

The pride of Azerbaijani traditional headscarf made from silky material, the Kelaghayi, was exhibited at the event. Kelaghayi with its four-cornered shape is an integral part of women's national costume in Azerbaijan. For centuries, it protected Azerbaijanis women both in hot summer and cold winter.

The region’s tasty sweet -- Sheki Pakhlavasi, attracted the attention of most visitors.

Sheki’s most famous dish -- Piti, which is prepared in special clay pots, called “piti dopusu” also aroused much interest among the audience.

Vagif Aliyev, the deputy minister of culture and tourism and Elkhan Usubov, the head of Shaki executive power attended the event. They underlined the fact that the government has paid great attention to the regions’ socio-economic development and worked to restore Azerbaijan's ancient national heritage including monuments and preserves.

The event’s guests were also informed about the work, projects and events implemented in Sheki, as well as the achievements made in the economic and tourism sectors, as well as culture and art.

A concert program with folk and dance groups, musicians and singers gave a joyful atmosphere to the event.

Sheki is a real natural wonder with beautiful landscapes, mineral water springs, forests and rivers.

It is one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan. Archaeological findings suggest that the city might be one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus, and discovered pieces in its territory are more than 2,500 years old.

The majestic Palace of Sheki Khans dating back to 1762, located in the city fortress, stands a magnificent testimony to Azerbaijan's rich historic heritage, with its magnificent wall paintings and colorful windows' mosaic.

Another must-see place in Sheki is the local Old Fortress, which has 11 historical bathhouses and one of which - built in 19th century - is still in operation. The 5th century Albanian temple and barracks built in the time of Tsar is also located there.

Tourists always visit Sheki's Lower and Upper Caravansaries - both belonging to the 18th century.

Gelersen-Gorersen Fortress (Come-and-See), located not far away from the city on the western bank of the Kish River is another must-see place. It was built in a strategic location in the 15th century. No one was ever able to seize this fortress.


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