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Azermarka LLC issues stamps dedicated to national poet

18 January 2019 16:37 (UTC+04:00)
Azermarka LLC issues stamps dedicated to national poet

By Laman Ismayilova

Azermarka LLC has issued an exclusive series of post stamps dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the eminent poet Mikayil Mushfig.

The stamps were released with circulation of 100,000, Sputnik Azerbaijan reported.

The project belongs to the artist Vugar Eyyubov.

The stamps were printed at the printing house of Bobruisk Integrated Printing House.

The role of Mushfig Mikayil in Azerbaijani poetry is indisputable.

In his poems, Mushfig celebrated love and beauty, constantly covering social and cultural issues.

He started his professional career as a school teacher. While being involved in teaching, he began writing poems. His first poem Bir Gün ("The Day") was published in the Ganj fahla newspaper in Baku in 1926. At about this time, he adopted the pen name Mushfig ("tender-hearted" from Perso-Arabic).

Poems occupy a large place in the work of Mushfig. The most famous of his poems are "Gaya", "My Friend", "Among the Drilling", "Shepherd", "Uncle Jabi", etc.

In his poems, Mushfig glorified the work of industrial workers and peasants and lauded the construction of industrial enterprises in Baku and other cities.

His poetry reveals the inner world of people and socio-cultural issues.

When Stalin and Mir Jafar Baghirov decreed that traditional Azerbaijani musical instruments, including the tar, were to be banned, he wrote a poem in response titled "Sing Tar, Sing". The popularity of his poem convinced the authorities to rescind the tar ban.

However, Mikayil Mushfig was arrested and executed by Soviet authorities at the age of 30 during the Stalinist purges in the USSR. He was arrested in 1937, and executed in 1939 in the Bayil prison near Baku.

Despite his short life, he left a significant mark in Azerbaijani literature.

Mushfig's works are available in the Russian National Library, the Russian State Library, the Library of the US Congress, the National Library of Belarus, the National Library of Turkey, the National Library of Estonia.

In May 2018, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on holding the 110th anniversary of Michael Mushfig. In 2008, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the poet’s birth, a postage stamp was also issued.


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