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Armenia chooses new venue for conflict after its botch in Garabagh

12 April 2024 16:16 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia chooses new venue for conflict after its botch in Garabagh
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The humiliating defeat in Garabagh made Armenia choose the next location as the target. This time the venue is the Cow Garden in Jerusalem.

"Cows’ Garden" is known as the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem which has been a new place of conflict for Armenians after especially the biggest defeat of Armenia in Garabagh. Thus, the country once occupied Azerbaijan’s Garabagh and demanded status quo in Azerbaijan’s territories, now sees attempts to change the status quo in the Armenian quarter of Jerusalem. As things are getting much complicated in the Cow Garden, and clashes grow amid tensions in the Middle East, Armenian Foreign Ministry decided to get involved in this matter.
In his statement to local media, Deputy Minister of Armenian FM Vahan Kostanyan said that attempts are being made to change the status quo of the Armenian quarter in Jerusalem.

It looks like Armenia after its defeat in Garabagh wants to carry the conflict to Israel amid the war in the Middle East.

Armenian side claims that the issue is getting deeper and the government of Armenia concerns the fate of Armenians the quarter. Now, Armenian government thinks to change the status quo of the quarter in Jerusalem.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia raised this problem both at international platforms and at meetings with interested colleagues, including from Arab countries.

Armenian official emphasized that the MFA has been following the development of events since the first day of the crisis.

Besides, the escalation and further discussion of this problem at the state level means that Armenia is attempting a serious confrontation against Tel Aviv.

Professor at Turkiye’s Kojaeli University Irfan Kaya Ülger discussed the issue in his comment to Azernews. He said that this dispute is much similar to which was between Israelis and Palestinians in the past.

“There is a dispute over the lease of the "Cow Garden", which constitutes a quarter of this neighbourhood, to Israel. The lease, which was made by the Armenian Patriarch, has caused a great reaction among the Armenians living here and they want it to be cancelled. Armenians in Jerusalem argue that the purpose of the lease of the Cow Garden is the same as that of the Muslim Palestinian properties,” he said.

Irfan Kaya Ülger added that the Armenian administration is lobbying for support from the Arab world on this issue. This incident, in its technical nature, shows that the Armenian government is closely following this ongoing dispute outside of its border.

Recall that a similar event happened in neighboring Georgia a while ago. Generally, after the unsuccessful attacks and defeat of Armenia in Garabagh in 2020, territorial claims and such conflicts began to spread widely outside the country. Not only in Garabagh, but also in different regions of the world, Armenia continues the conflict with territorial claims, along with appropriating the territories of countries.

As can be easily seen in this current dispute, this is a traditional Armenian method that is currently spreading from Garabagh to the Middle East and further afield.


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