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Azerbaijan's rights weigh heavily on scales of ICJ against groundless Armenian claims

17 November 2023 22:50 (UTC+04:00)
Azerbaijan's rights weigh heavily on scales of ICJ against groundless Armenian claims
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The fact that some pro-Armenian politicians in the European Union and the US Congress are so angry is almost a very insignificant and cheap issue. After a long argument, at last, there had to be an excuse to pep up their complaints, and this excuse became their only source of consolation.

The International Court of Justice of the United Nations (UN ICJ) issued a decision in today's meeting regarding Armenia's appeal that Azerbaijan should ensure the rights and freedoms of the Armenian population of Garabagh.

13 votes were cast in favor of the decision and 2 against.

In the decision read by the court chairman Joan Donahue, it is stated that Azerbaijan should ensure the return of the Armenians who left Garabagh after September 19 this year and want to return to Garabagh. In addition, safe and unobstructed passage for Armenians who want to leave Garabagh should be ensured.

This reminded us more of the arguments and groundless claims raised by Armenians on the Khankendi Shusha road during Azerbaijan's eco-protests in 2022-23. In the background of such a scenario, the separatist regime was trying to implement plans for illegal armament and terrorism in Garabagh while the US Congress was silent to all the Armenian provocations and particularly mine terrors.

The International Court of Justice of the UN knows very well that no civilian was harmed after the anti-terrorist measures successfully completed by Azerbaijan on September 19. The state of Azerbaijan and its army respected the norms of international law and ensured the safety of every Armenian minority.

However, the paragraph of the decision, says that Azerbaijan should refrain from using force or threats against those who remained in Garabagh after September 19 or who returned later.

According to the decision, Azerbaijan must ensure the preservation of all registration documents, identity documents, and private property documents of the Armenian population of Garabagh in accordance with its obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Does the court of justice, acting from these laws, not know that there are thousands of ethnic minorities from religions and cultures, even Armenians living in peace in Azerbaijan? Azerbaijan has been home to people of different religions and cultures for centuries, and even today, Armenian churches and cultural monuments remain intact. Then let us ask a question: where are the historical cultural heritage, mosques, and monuments belonging to Azerbaijanis after they were deported from West Azerbaijan (currently the territory of Armenia) starting from the 1980s? Why did the International Court of Justice remain silent on Armenian barbarism when Armenia exploited graves belonging to Azerbaijanis during the occupation, stole valuable materials such as gold and marble from the graves, sold them in Russia and other countries, or used them in various objects?

Taking a more objective approach to Azerbaijan instead of dictating conditions by granting eight weeks would be more conscience and respect for the law, but with this decision, the International Court of Justice once again revealed its biased position. Of course, throughout history, Europe and the West have always taken an unfair position against Muslim countries with their crusader position. Today, to ignore the barbarism committed by Armenia and judge the rightful party is a violation of international laws. They very well know that Azerbaijan assumed all these obligations and even more without the decisions of the UN General Assembly.

It is true that the International Court of Justice also rejected the groundless and ridiculous request to withdraw all military and law enforcement personnel of Azerbaijan from the Garabagh region. However, Azerbaijan should not thank the UN Court of Justice for this. Because above all, the mentioned area is the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, and this has been repeatedly confirmed by the Armenian side, which is the plaintiff before the court.

As for the fact that the court did not require Armenia to take any action regarding the request to facilitate the visit of UN agencies to the Garabagh region and to cooperate with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), two facts can be cited here: firstly, Azerbaijan earlier has always cooperated with the committee. For this reason, all claims brought forward against Azerbaijan lose their basis in court. Secondly, on September 19, Azerbaijan ensured the safety of the civilian population during the local anti-terror measures by demonstrating ultraaccuracy that has never ever existed in the world. Certainly, at such a moment, no organization can have a claim against Azerbaijan in its sovereign territory.


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