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Armenian lobby engulfed US Congress, is serious threat to Azerbaijan-US relations

16 November 2023 23:28 (UTC+04:00)
Armenian lobby engulfed US Congress, is serious threat to Azerbaijan-US relations
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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The current posture shaped by the US House of Representatives is a clear and serious blunder in the history of the US legislative branch. With this action, taken by the US House of Representatives and members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, we have once again witnessed a clear provocation of risking and opening a new frontline at the doorstep of Europe, an American researcher, and journalist Peter Tase told AZERNEWS in his comment on the biased anti-Azerbaijan rhetorics of the US politicians and decision of the US Congress.

“This is a situation that requires serious scrutiny from the US intelligence community as well as from the Biden administration knowing that the Armenian lobbying organisation in Washington is conducting an aggressive and very harmful campaign against Azerbaijan.

And above all, against the regional security in the eastern flanks of Europe, taking this into account,” the US Congress with the recent hearings in the Committee on Foreign Affairs, has committed a serious blunder. I think that this day will remain a day of infamy in the history of the US capital, the Tase added.

He also touched on Armenian lobbying organisations that produce fake information and feed the US Congress against Azerbaijan. He urged the US intelligence community to further investigate the truthfulness of all information that is spread as disinformation.

“At the same time, we have to point out that the intelligence community of the United States needs to conduct serious investigations so that the fabricated information provided to members of the US Congress by the fascist government of Armenia does not cause major consequences in the Transatlantic partnership and doesn't amplify the harmful actions that are taking place from the belligerent regime of Armenia.”

Peter Tase added that Armenian lobbyism is a potential threat to the US policy which in fact poisons the minds of people and members of the political structure and most importantly, leads to worsening US-Azerbaijan relations.

“The egregious abuses committed by the Armenian regime in Yerevan and abroad are a serious threat to European security, European Union integrity as well as the US Transatlantic partnership. These actions led by Yerevan should be condemned by the speakers of the US House of Representatives and should be rejected unanimously by the members of the US House of Representatives,” the pundit added.


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