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Why West's concept of democracy being undermined?

9 November 2023 08:30 (UTC+04:00)
Why West's concept of democracy being undermined?
Abbas Ganbay
Abbas Ganbay
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The geopolitical map of the world is subject to enormous reforms in the restructuring of the world and the realisation of the goals of a few countries and companies. The Western coalition of organisations and alliances, as they say, was created to help countries in need, to prevent conflicts, and to make globally significant decisions. Their decisions and actions awaken societies from their illusions.

Largely due to the fact that the actions of the Western countries and their "truth" are inverted and do not correspond to reality. In the created struggle for valuable resources, there are no barriers for the powers that want them. However, many countries are able to solve their internal problems in a joint organization by avoiding unwanted interference.

The West, having built strong institutions, is kept on a plough at the expense of the powers and states connected with it by a long history. Such countries were Germany, France, Spain and all other countries under the rule of "crusaders". Following their ideology, bloody deeds, colonial policy and slave labour were carried out. Not much has changed till today, and we will not enumerate the captured policy of these countries.

After the collapse of the USSR, Azerbaijan was the first of the former Soviet countries to decide to become independent, as it did in many other ways. Every independent decision was met with barbaric treatment from outside, often from countries opposing the "crescent". During the oppression of the Azerbaijani people at the hands of barbaric invasions with the help of the Western clans, the French power and policy had a mediocre relation to the unleashed genocide not only on Azerbaijanis but also on many nations in the 20th century.

Colonial policy was pursued with "good intentions" in support of the peoples of Corsica, Guadeloupe, and Algeria. Having gained resources from these territories, wars and conflicts were waged in defence of the rights of oppressed peoples. France in the 16th-17th centuries defended the right to freedom, and in every way possible was against colonial invasions of its neighbours. Many things have changed, and today it has what it sowed. Azerbaijan, as a country that survived the colonial policy of Armenia, stepped forward to defend the people oppressed by France with the help of the Baku Initiative Group.

All empires of the past, it is worth remembering, have been subject to the test of time, crumbling and rebuilding. Once-existing empires have moved to rule from the shadows, ruling and controlling entire countries. To date, nothing has changed. Countries are subjected to organisational, coordinated attacks by groups from the shadows, by the hands of conflict countries.

The President of Azerbaijan, speaking at a meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement, called Paris' attempts to control territories outside Europe "a disgusting legacy of French colonial policy. France should respect the sovereignty of the Comoros over Mayotte, as well as the rights of the inhabitants of New Caledonia and other overseas departments and regions".

The close cooperation between Armenians and the French contributed to the pressure on Azerbaijan in the 20th century, forcing millions of Azerbaijanis to flee their homeland. This policy of chaos and terror is more characteristic of Western countries than of the Middle East.

Speaking of French and Western colonial policies, Mayotte is the poorest French department. Thousands of Comorians from the neighbouring island of Anjouan come to the island's shores every year on traditional kvass boats. Nearly half of the department's population has no French nationality, with a third of them born in Mayotte.

Mayotte, located in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the coast of East Africa, separated from the Comoros in 1974 in a referendum in which the other three islands chose independence from Paris. The government in Moroni does not recognise French sovereignty over Mayotte and demands the "decolonisation" of the island.

The West has embraced what it seeks, namely to flood the West with migrants, which will play a key role in building up conflicts within countries controlled by elites. Most migrants are resettled from countries and territories that have been subjected to "climate disasters", to countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.

The last stage of colonisation has seamlessly transitioned into globalisation through established institutions, corporations, and the military-industrial complex. The countries and peoples that have been most subjected to colonial attacks to date are tied hand in hand. All efforts towards independence are being thwarted by the colonial powers.

The West economically needs the energy resources of Azerbaijan, and the refusal to impose sanctions, which Armenia wanted very much, is proof of that. Although the West has reduced its ardour for the Caucasus, its appetite remains for Armenia, which today may become a place of colonial policy of the Western countries.

The West's increased pressure on religious beliefs is reflected in France, where reforms, rallies, and the refusal to allow Muslims to wear cultural and religious clothing are frequent. As a consequence, with the huge influx of migrants and their importation into Western countries, migratory uprisings may start.


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