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Armenia remains ticking time bomb for region amid Azerbaijan's efforts to bring lasting peace

16 March 2023 14:00 (UTC+04:00)
Armenia remains ticking time bomb for region amid Azerbaijan's efforts to bring lasting peace

By Yusif Abbaszade

Armenia continues to be guided by double standards and seeks compromises on issues that relate to Azebaijan's state independence and sovereignty.

Rejecting the winner's proposal to hammer out a peace deal to secure lasting peace in the region and mutual recognition of each other's territorial integrity, Armenia remains a major source of instability and threatens to push the region into another bloody conflict.

On the other hand, with its status of a defeated state, Armenia does not give up behaving pompously, pretending to be dominant, daring to dictate its terms on Azerbaijan, which seems completely ridiculous and absurd amid the political realities dominant in the region.

Dissatisfied with the present-day state of affairs in the region and avoiding Baku's feasible peace proposal, Armenia is taking steps that run against logic and obstructs Karabakh's ethnic Armenians from rapprochement with Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan's invitation to leaders of ethnic Armenians in Karabakh for the second meeting in Baku was turned down by the separatists under pressure from Yerevan. The core of Baku's move is to overcome problems and discuss political, economic, social, and pertaining issues to complete the separatist region's re-integration into Azerbaijan.

However, the refusal of Baku's invitation deprives the separatist part of Karabakh of the influx of investment minimum and keeps the tension mounting, though it is a day's work for the Azerbaijani military forces to disarm the remnants of the Armenian army.

The first meeting was held in Khojaly a few days ago and looked into issues related to the illicit exploitation of natural resources. Shortly after the meeting, the so-called head of the Armenian community of Karabakh, Arayik Harutyunyan, made a blunt statement in which he repeated that “there would never be a return of the inhabitants of the Armenian-populated territory of Karabakh under the control of Russian peacekeeping contingent to Azerbaijan”.

However, Aratyunyan did not take into account a major aspect of the issue, namely, he is no longer able to resolve issues of strategic realities, and the entire Karabakh clan should be grateful to Azerbaijan for the way they are treated and persistently invited to take into consideration the realities and the balance of forces plus economic might and military prowess.

“Negotiations can only take place between equal parties, with the participation of international mediators, represented by the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group. The format - Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Armenia - was fixed back in 1994,” a Karabakh separatist said in response to the invitation of Azerbaijan’s presidential administration.

In this regard, President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly lashed out at the OSCE Minsk Group for the failure to live up to the mandate. Speaking at the meeting of the Council of CIS Heads of State in Astana, the Azerbaijani president stated that the result of the 28-year-long work of the OSCE Minsk Group on the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict was equal to zero.

Armenia is simply trying to win time hiding behind international law and using the OSCE Minsk Group as a tool for the manipulation of the process. Such pretense obviously cannot last long and Azerbaijan does not intend to tolerate this circus led by the separatists.

The only option that has not yet lost its efficiency in this matter is to resolve the conflict through a peace agreement. All other options that the Karabakh clan considers will not bring any dividends. The idea of finding new allies has simply failed.

It will not be possible to continue neglecting the loyalty of Azerbaijan and use it for granted. Sooner or later, the criminal Karabakh clan will have to answer for what they have done to their people. Being a self-sufficient country, Azerbaijan essentially loses nothing, and Armenia, in turn, loses their resources and time.


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