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Today marks 26th anniversary of Armenian terror attack in Baku metro

19 March 2020 16:32 (UTC+04:00)
Today marks 26th anniversary of Armenian terror attack in Baku metro

By Akbar Mammadov

Today is the 26th anniversary of the terrorist act committed at “20 Yanvar (January)” station of the Baku metropolitan area on March 19, 1994. As a result of this bombed attack, 14 civilians lost their lives and 49 were injured with different wounds according to Azerbaijan's Supreme Court.

The court proved that the terror act was prepared by Armenian special services, and committed by the members of the separatist Lezghin organization of “Sadval”.

It was determined that the same activists of the separatist “Sadval” organization had been to Armenia several times since 1992, and this country’s National Security Headquarters closely engaged in forming, financing and arming of this organization.

In April-May of 1992, 30 Azerbaijani citizens, underwent special terrorist-sabotage preparation at a training base located in the Lusakert settlement of Nairi region in Armenia.

During the investigation, it was identified that saboteur had planned to make explosions in Baku’s “Nizami” cinema, the Republic palace and Baku Lamp Plant along with “20 Yanvar” metro station, following the instruction.

The first attack, a suicide bombing, occurred on Saturday, March 19 at the "20 January" metro station at 13:00 local time. The time bomb planted under a seat in the head railroad car detonated when it stopped at the station, killing the immediate perpetrator Oktay Gurbanov. The lead railroad car was destroyed and the station's roof partially collapsed. Among the victims was Azerbaijani jazzman Rafig Babayev, whose workplace was near the station. The work of Baku Metro was temporarily suspended.

It should be noted that this terrorist act was just the first of a series of terrorist incidents against civilians in Baku Metro in 1994.

Thus, after “20 Yanvar” terrorist attack in Baku, the second explosion occurred the place between the “28 May” and “Ganjlik” metro stations. As a result of the second attack, 13 people lost were killed and 42 were injured.

Being accused in the commitment of the explosion in “20 Yanvar” metro station, 30 members of the “Sadval” separatist organization, underwent special terrorist-provocative training in Armenia, were charged with imprisonment.


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