UNSC to scrutinize reported settlement of Syrian Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh

The UN Security Council will scrutinize upon Azerbaijan's request the Armenian media reports saying Yerevan is planning or has tackled settling Azerbaijan's occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region with ethnic Armenian refugees from Syria and Lebanon.

"We have raised this issue at the UNSC and asked the relevant Security Council bodies dealing with Syria to draw attention to this," Azerbaijan's ambassador to the UN Agshin Mehdiyev told Lider TV channel.

Mehdiyev said the UNSC has assured Azerbaijan that it will study the issue.

He added that if the reports are confirmed, Baku can demand that the OSCE Minsk Group -- which is brokering settlement to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno Karabakh -- to take action and raise the issue at the UNSC.

Anti-government protests have been ongoing in Syria for about 17 months. According to the UN, the total number of victims of the conflict has exceeded 17,000. About 230,000 people have become refugees, and about 3 million are in need of humanitarian assistance. Syrian authorities say they are battling the well-armed militants.