Azeri population up 1.3 pct

BAKU – Azerbaijan’s population increased 1.3 percent in 2010 to reach 9,111,000, of whom 50.5 percent are women, according to the country’s statistics committee.

53.1 pct of the people live in cities and 46.9 percent in rural areas.

23 pct of citizens are up to 14 years old, while 71 pct are aged 15-64, and the remaining 6 pct are 65 or older.

2,200 people arrived in Azerbaijan for permanent residence and 800 emigrated from the country in 2010. Most of the immigrants – 77.2 pct – came from Russia, while 7 pct arrived from Kazakhstan, and 4.3 pct from Ukraine. The number of people who emigrated from Azerbaijan to the three countries made up 55.3 pct, 30.3 pct and 5.4 pct respectively.