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Some western financial institutions serve more anti-Azerbaijan mission

3 April 2023 17:59 (UTC+04:00)
Some western financial institutions serve more anti-Azerbaijan mission
Elnur Enveroglu
Elnur Enveroglu
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Azerbaijan has since its independence in the early 1990s, based on democratic principles, always supported the activities of foreign political institutions, financial funds, and human rights organizations in the country.

In addition to the fact that most of these organizations belong to the USA and Europe, some of them continue to operate in the country.

However, after Azerbaijan's victory in the Second Karabakh War in 2020 by ending the Armenian occupation, the anti-state activities of such political institutions began to become more evident.

Experiences have shown that such organizations, primarily USAID, affiliated to the US government, as well as supposedly independent, aim to interfere in political processes, confuse society, manipulate socio-political processes, and weaken the principles of statehood, rather than contributing to the development of civil societies. Formally, although those organizations cooperated with the Azerbaijani state in certain directions, aspects such as creating loyal NGOs and media organizations, forming a unique network, and supporting the anti-state activities of radical political forces appeared in the direction of their main activity.

Forming ‘Fifth column’ chained with financial shackles

The position of Western forces against Azerbaijan in Azerbaijan-Armenia relations does not need any explanation. Even the aforementioned organizations, which supposedly observed the conditions in Azerbaijan during the occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan by the dictates of those forces, did not show any positive reaction until the conflicts partially ended with the outbreak of the war. On the contrary, the observations made show that USAID, NED, Friedrich Nauman, Marshall, IREX and other similar institutions operating in Azerbaijan and abroad are trying to form a "Fifth column" within Azerbaijan and use it as a means of pressure against the political authorities, to dictate their will.

30 Years of "Colour Revolutions" - EUvsDisinfo

It is known that the colorful revolutions that took place in some post-Soviet states starting from the beginning of 2000, and the political cataclysms that disturbed the Middle East in the later period took place with the close participation of the networks formed by the West. In order to prevent such activities against the national interest, foreign funding of civil society institutions was prevented in Azerbaijan. At that time, funding of political parties through NGOs had become a common practice. The Social Reforms and Democratic Election movement (SIDSUH), Demblok, Public Chamber, National Council and other similar institutions founded by the radical opposition from time to time took place due to the support of the West. However, attempts to ensure the unity of the opposition against the government and to form a strong alternative from it failed, the people did not accept this artificially stimulated process and its disruptive actors.

Getting financed through clandestine sources

In a short period of time, foreign forces looking for alternative ways began to deliver money through Georgia to NGOs and political parties acting on their orders in Azerbaijan. Thus, financial resources were sent to Georgia, and from there they were transferred to Azerbaijan through representatives of some NGOs.

Efforts to create conditions handy for instability, coups and chaos under the guise of US financial aid are still ongoing. After the destruction of the networks of the West, then Russia, and then Iran, attempts are being made to fill the vacant space again with Western institutions. This activity is led by USAID and its staunch pro-Armenian leader Samantha Pover.

USAID ready to back Azerbaijan's agricultural development

- USAID mission in and out of Azerbaijan

USAID was created as a branch of the US Central Intelligence Agency and is currently engaged in actively interfering in the internal affairs of individual countries under the guise of aid. It is no coincidence that this organization allocated 9.5 billion dollars for the construction of civil society in various countries in 2023-2025. According to some information obtained, there is no doubt that these funds will be directed to the implementation of coup plans in various countries within the framework of the ‘Doctrine of Democracy’ announced recently.

Is there a need for the activities of such organizations in developing Azerbaijan...?

As already mentioned, USAID has been operating in the country since 1991, when Azerbaijan gained independence. It was understandable that this organization, whose official mission was to provide support to underdeveloped and needy countries, operated in Azerbaijan at that time. However, Azerbaijan, which is within chairing the Non-Aligned Movement, helps many countries and is able to fulfill the function of a donor for many large projects. Then the question arises: what is the need for USAID's activity in our country? Wouldn't it be more logical if the organization spends the funds on needy countries such as Armenia, rather than on Azerbaijan?


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