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Turkish expert: Global cyber crime damages to exceed $10tn

17 January 2022 15:32 (UTC+04:00)
Turkish expert: Global cyber crime damages to exceed $10tn

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Turkey's Digisecure Company General Manager Ibrahim Saruhan has said that the amount of the global cyber crime damages will exceed $10 trillion in three years, Yeni Shafak newspaper has reported.

“Individuals and companies are mainly damaged by computer viruses, trojan horses, worms and malware. This damage has reached around $6-7 trillion on a global scale according to Cybersecurity Ventures. Based on Cybersecurity Ventures research we believe this loss will reach $10 trillion in the next three years,” Saruhan stressed.

Cyber attacks are on the rise as companies and individuals become more integrated into the digital world.

Thanks to the transformation and rapid development of information technologies in the past 15 years, the digital world has become an important part of life on public, private and personal scale. With the pandemic, the rate of spending time in the digital world, both individually and corporately, reached its maximum. But as the world becomes more digital, cybercrime remains one of the biggest threats to all individuals, businesses and government agencies.

Saruhan stated that standing up against cyber-attacks will become as important as protecting the physical security of individuals or companies.

"Cyber security will spread to all areas of life, and every individual and company will have a cyber-security expert. It will become one of the main priorities to prevent cyber attacks that cause loss of reputation or to leave a possible attack with the least damage," he said.

Cyber attackers can perform their actions remotely and very quickly. They can gain access to users' or companies' systems by accessing data using methods such as ransomware, malware, and phishing.

According to analyzes made in 2021, social engineering attacks account for nearly 70 percent of violations in the field of public administration. The attacks continue to pose a threat to the public administration.


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