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Council of Europe commissioner key figure of Armenian network in PACE

20 April 2017 15:42 (UTC+04:00)
Council of Europe commissioner key figure of Armenian network in PACE

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The European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (ESISC) published the second part of the report revealing the clandestine network of MPs, Armenian officials and NGOs financed by the Soros Foundation within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

As was announced in a previous report devoted to the Armenian network which operates stealthily within the PACE, the report authors reveal the identity of Mister “X”, the pivotal figure of the clandestine network.

Mister “X” is the Latvian Nils Muiznieks, who has been the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights for more than five years and who was an employee for Georges Soros, the report said.

Elected in 2012 by the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly, Nils Muiznieks has since been a key figure of a network that ties European PMs, Armenian officials and NGOs directly tied to or financed by the Soros Foundation, a network devoted to the Republic of Armenia’s interests.

The Soros Foundation acquired a major role within NGOs, among which are the well-known Human Rights Watch, European Stability Initiative (ESI), Amnesty International, Human Rights House, or even Open Dialog.

This intense activity has the objective of imposing on the Council of Europe as well as the European Parliament the Armenian lobby’s political positions. The Armenian network aims to promulgate its positions to all the members of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Council and endeavors for the greatest numbers of them to join their cause, reads the report.

The network is particularly active in its “hunt” for PMs that represent Nordic or Baltic countries, the Netherlands and the German socialists, according to the report.

The report contains a spreadsheet showing how over the past 5 years, since Nils Muiznieks has been the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, the Soros-linked NGOs gained visibility by organizing several events simultaneously and in parallel to plenary sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Muiznieks, Sawicki and other MPs violate the ethical principles and codes of good conduct of the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly by ensuring the defense of the specific interests of the Soros network and the Republic of Armenia.

“What’s even more is that they act in violation of international law. Regarding this, let us recall the 4 UN Security Council resolutions related to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict (822, 853, 874 and 884) that condemn the occupation of the Azerbaijani territory and that denounce the forced displacement of Azerbaijani populations,” reads the report.

Pieter Omtzigt, Christoph Strasser, Frank Schwabbe and Tiny Kox have specialized in organizing, in parallel to the plenary sessions of PACE, events aimed to ensure the promotion of interests of the Soros network and to hand out good and bad ratings to Council of Europe member states. The first victims of their recurring attacks were Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. Needless to say, the Republic of Armenia has been preserved from criticism and presented as a “model nation,” the report said.

Nils Muiznieks and Pieter Omtzigt are two men who never cease to criticize the Republic of Azerbaijan but who have never denounced the permanent violence of the Republic of Armenia against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

“Let us note that Nils Muiznieks will be reaching the end of his mandate as Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, a prestigious position that his good friend and partner Christoph Strasser dreams of. The two men surely imagine being able to pursue their operations on behalf of the Soros network and the Armenian network with Strasser replacing his good friend Muiznieks as Commissioner for Human Rights,” said the report authors.

In March, ESISC published a comprehensive report uncovering an Armenian connection network inside PACE that "has led a merciless propaganda campaign against Azerbaijan to benefit Armenia."

The report, entitled "The Armenian Connection - How a Secret Caucus of MPs and NGOs, since 2012, Created a Network within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to Hide Violations of International Law", states that "these unilateral and untruthful attacks are the tool of a hidden political agenda: to defend Armenia's illegal occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh" and to hide "private interests behind the purview of the 'defence of human rights.'


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