Parliament offers to remove fee for single entry visa processing

9 June 2016 13:31 (UTC+04:00)

By Nigar Abbasova

Milli Majlis [Azerbaijan Parliament] discussed certain changes to the Law about prosecutor's office, Law about notary offices and the Law on the state duties.

The changes to the law about prosecutor's office envisage administering disciplinary actions with regard to staff of the prosecutor’s office which unfairly exercise its responsibilities. The law in effect stipulates punishment in the form of reprimand, severe reprimand, down-grade, dismissal, expulsion from public prosecution bodies as well as expulsion with the deprivation of the rank for the violation of office discipline.

In accordance with the changes advised for the law, alongside with the violation of office discipline, the punishments will also be administered in the cases of improper execution of administrative functions and disregard of the requirements stipulated by the Code on the ethical conduct of the Azerbaijan prosecutor’s office staff.

The changes are based on the international experience and are aimed at toughening disciplinary practices with regard to the prosecutor’s office staff.

In accordance with the clause which envisages certain changes to the law on the service in the public prosecution bodies, term of imposition of a penalty on the prosecutor’s office staff will be extended up to 3 years as from the date of disciplinary offence commitment.

In compliance with the changes to the law about notary offices, public officials representing executive power bodies will be eligible for the affirmation of treaties related to leasing or use of land of agricultural assignment of private ownership with the area less than 5 hectares for the term not exceeding one year period as well as powers of attorney related to leasing with the term of up to 2 years.

The changes are triggered by the lack of notarial offices in certain areas with the lands of agricultural assignment. The main objective of the changes is to create opportunities for the use of notarial services by residents of the areas.

Parliamentarians also considered the removal of certain duties as well as decreasing the amount of fee for the single-entry visa processing. The current amount of the fee for single-entry visa processing is $50. The changes envisage determining the fee at the level of $20. The clause also stipulates for the removal of certain fees for consular operations held in Azerbaijan and diplomatic missions abroad. The clause envisages removal of state duty for processing tourist, student and transit visa.

Currently, the state duty for the students who get their education on the basis of individual contract and single transit visa amounts to $20 while the duty for double transit visa is $40. The changes are aimed at the simplification of the entry process to the country.

The changes to the laws are submitted for the consideration of the parliament during the session which is scheduled for June 14.


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