Reinventing peace tools

16 May 2016 17:35 (UTC+04:00)

The Armenian government intends to investigate its intensive ceasefire breaches on the contact line with Azerbaijan by the help of French equipment.

Armenia appealed to France to supply equipment to record the armistice breaches on daily basis.

Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian announced this festive news for his army, the move which really caused many questions in the society.

Armenia which breaches the fragile ceasefire with Azerbaijan every day shelling by 130-150 times on the opposite positions now wants France-made devices to help to get assured whether the mission aimed at escalating the situation on the frontline is fulfilled.

For over 20 years of peace process targeting to find a peace to lingering Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Yerevan could differ with "original" approaches. Staging provocation of different types and scales on the fronltline indeed helped the small South Caucasus to be proud of its "achievement".

Armenia keeps under occupation of 20 percent of internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan and is very satisfied with the current status-quo in the resolution of the conflict.

Every positive move that could potentially lead to resolution of the conflict meets with new Armenian provocation on its way. Thus, staging armed provocations on the contact line of troops and also on the border, Armenia each time tries to mislead the international community from the true essence of the problem - the Armenian occupation troops in the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan.

Yerevan seems to reach the deserved culmination of continuous aggression against Azerbaijan and is very concerned on the international community's calls to withdraw from the occupied lands of Azerbaijan and return at a negotiating table.

New "inventory" is another tool for Armenia to distract the attention from the resolution of the conflict and to retain deep belief in its impunity.

Baku has repeatedly warned that if this mechanism begins to be applied now, this would be further strengthening of the current status quo, which is unacceptable. Strengthening the ceasefire is possible only if it would ensure the consistent and speedy solution to the conflict.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry, commenting on the issue, reminded that the mechanism of investigating the incidents should be one of the elements of the process of withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied Azerbaijan lands.

"Otherwise, this mechanism can serve for maintaining the status quo based on the fact of occupation," said Hikmat Hajiyev, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry.

Another nonsense aspect of Nalbandian’s talks in France is the legitimacy - Armenia, which declines to show constructive position on the conflict resolution and refuses to sit at the negations table, now mulls such a “peaceful initiative” with France in absence of Azerbaijan.

Expert Ilgar Velizade, who shared the view, said the fact is that first, such discussions are beyond the scope of bilateral Armenian-French format, and, secondly, even if Baku agrees to its deployment, such equipment must be installed outside the area of access to it by any party to the conflict.

“Accordingly, this equipment must be supervised and managed by independent experts with the relevant mandate, confirmed by the parties to the conflict and certified by the relevant structures of the OSCE - an organization that is engaged in the negotiation process,” he said.

The expert believes that Yerevan’s attempts to discuss the mechanism of investigating the incidents and deployment of peacekeepers into the conflict zone at this stage is an absolute profanity

“Yerevan does not have any right for such talks. And such issues are not solved unilaterally. This is an obvious attempt of the Armenian side to "put the cart before the horse" and mull issues that are out of priority before the possible meeting of presidents in Vienna,” he said, adding that Yerevan’s attempts are ridiculous.