First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attends “Citizenship and Social Responsibility: Tribute to Heroes” event at ADA University

30 April 2016 10:29 (UTC+04:00)

ADA University held its first graduation party with another important tradition – an event entitled “Citizenship and social responsibility: heroes are never forgotten” on April 30.

The event also marked the 10th anniversary of ADA University functioning within the national education system of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan's First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva attended the ceremonial event held at Gulustan Palace.

The event started with bringing the State Flag of Azerbaijan into the hall, following which the State Anthem was played.

ADA University marked the first graduation of bachelors, and 20 students on the specialty of “International education” and 38 students who graduated the University “Business management”. As many 29 students received master’s degree on two specialties. They are from Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Japan, Kenia, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Serbia, Syria, and Zambia.

Rector Hafiz Pashayev congratulated the graduates as they were receiving their diplomas.

Addressing the ceremony Mehriban Aliyeva congratulated the graduates and their parents.

Then she emphasized the attention the state attaches to education.

Mrs. Aliyeva underscored that every country and nation’s strength lies on its intellectual potential.

“After the restoration of Azerbaijan’s independence, attention to this sphere, development of education and science became one of the priorities in the state policy. As you know, many steps and reforms have been carried out in this area, and national programs are being implemented. Activities of ADA University are also a result of these reforms,” the first lady stressed.

Mrs. Aliyeva believes that investments made in the education system are the most effective and justified. “Therefore, projects related to education are among the projects of Azerbaijan’s state oil fund SOFAZ that are of strategic importance for our country,” she said.

Thousands of talented Azerbaijani students got education through SOFAZ financing at the leading universities of the world and gained high level of professionalism. In the future, they will serve Azerbaijan and the development of Azerbaijan, Mrs. Aliyeva emphasized.

Mrs. Aliyeva also spoke about the renewed hostilities on the contact line of the Armenian and Azerbaijani troops, and brave sons of the Azerbaijani nation who lost their lives while repulsing the attacks of Armenian troops.

“All of our sons, who became martyrs, will live forever in the hearts of the Azerbaijani people and in the history of Azerbaijan. Providing assistance to their families is the most important task of the Azerbaijani state, and the state shall take all necessary measures in this area. But each of us, our society should support and assist families, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of these people.

We bow our heads before the blessed memory of our heroes, who sacrificed their lives for independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. They will never be forgotten. From this point of view, a scholarship program "For the Motherland" established by ADA University is a very important initiative and noble step. I am sure that your initiative will receive broad support in the society,” Mrs. Aliyeva said.

First vice-rector of the university Galib Mammadov, rector Hafiz Pashayev and academician Roald Sagdiyev delivered a speech at the event.

Hafiz Pashayev spoke about the steps taken to create the Diplomatic Academy and path that led to creation of this education institution.

“Today, celebrating our 10th anniversary, I can say with confidence that we are well on course to achieve our main objectives and contribute to the reforms carried out in Azerbaijan in the field of education,” he stressed.

The rector emphasized that one of the achievements of ADA University is the atmosphere created by the higher education school.

“I am glad that we managed to create an environment impelling to science and sustainable education, open discussion, and exchange of experience. I also agree with the views of our graduates - everyone who is a member of the ADA community – teachers, students and other employees, inspire each other. We all rallied around one desire and one goal that is fairness, transparency, academic ethics, honor and responsible service to the motherland.”

In the 21st century the responsibility for raising the profile of Azerbaijani science rests on such institutions as ADA University, believes Hafiz Pashayev.

ADA University has founded a scholarship fund. More than 1 million manats ($664,518) were collected into this Fund over the course of two weeks. It is expected that this amount will reach 3 million manats (about $2 million) by the end of the year. Children of those who have perished defending the Homeland will receive free education to be financed through this Fund.