#SHEroes - Each woman is a hero!

29 February 2016 12:18 (UTC+04:00)

During whole our life we hear many stories, we bring up with them, we admire some heroes and find inspiration from others. We know the heroes of the stories from magazines, book, movies and TV. But why do we always look for them in somewhere far away? After all, we know all of them; we have so many heroes around us.

On the eve of the 8th of March WOWOMAN wishes to introduce the heroes around us to you. You will not read a book or watch a movie about them, but you will be able to see them every day around yourself. Exactly, they are women.

#SHEroes. It can be our grandmas brought up 5 children during the war, or a student girl, who broke all stereotypes and got engineering education. It maybe your neighbor, mother, aunt that have built own career and now run a department in an international company, or a doctor, working in 2-3 shifts who rescues many lives every day, additionally, prepares food, cleans up the house and even asks after relatives’ health in spite of being tired. These ladies are the heroes of our modern life. They are exquisite heroes with unforgettable reminiscences, with ups and downs, with defeats and victories, giving own contribution to make the world better.

In honor of the 8th of March – the International Women’s Day, WOWOMAN will exercise the exhibition under the slogan “Each woman is a hero” in Park Bulvar AVM, on 6-13th of March. The exhibition is an awesome opportunity to familiarize you with female heroes and their stories. If you also want to share your story or the stories of the heroes around you, then register on wowoman.org and go through the link below:
http://wowoman.org/oz-hekay%C9%99ni-danis/ . The most interesting stories will be published on wowoman.org and shared on our exhibition in Park Bulvat AVM , on 6-13th of March, as well.

WOWOMAN is a platform built up for professional and personal development of women and our main goal is to create the platform, where women will get an opportunity to express yourself, develop individual and professional skills and increase self-confidence.

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