Gov’t develops new state program on youth education

7 January 2016 17:56 (UTC+04:00)

By Aynur Karimova

A comprehensive education has always been among key tools for securing better future. Over the past decade, many Azerbaijanis favored education abroad citing the attractive prospect of the benefits of living overseas, familiarizing with a different culture and widening job opportunities.

The government of Azerbaijan realized a state program on education of youth abroad in 2007-2015, which allowed many to study overseas.

However, 2015 was the last year of the state program. Those who dream to study or continue education abroad ask one question-will the government develop and adopt a new program for 2016 and subsequent years?

The Education Ministry told local media that the ministry takes necessary measures to educate talented youth abroad and develop a draft program. The Ministry hinted that there will be innovations in the new program as well.

"Draft state program is being developed given the fact that the State Program on education of Azerbaijani young people abroad for 2007-2015 ends. The scope of the previous program has been expanded in the new program, innovations such as to involve foreign professor-academic staff to education process in Azerbaijan's higher education institutions, and to conduct joint scientific-research works together with their participation have been included in the new program. Currently, the program is at the stage of agreement," a source in the ministry said.

Being a fast developing nation in the region, Azerbaijan has opened up significant opportunities for its youth for receiving quality education abroad. The government sees education as a major source of investment, and is pursuing a policy of investing in the youth.

Investing in the human capital means gaining educated people - highly qualified professionals who can help push the country forward and boost growth in many fields. In this regard, the state program is of significant importance for Azerbaijan.

In 2015, 373 Azerbaijani students got a chance to be included in the list of scholars. Last year, the students who aimed to get master degree in the world's leading universities, were given priority. In particular,176 student got a right to study at the master degree education level, 25 - PhD, 70 - residency, 102 - higher medical and bachelor degree. In general, 3,558 students benefited the state program.

The top five countries where Azerbaijani students preferred to get education were Great Britain, Turkey, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands, while the Harvard University, Cambridge College, Oxford University, London Imperial College, Moscow State University of International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Toronto University, Nanyang Technology University, and Kyoto University were the most opted higher education institutes.

Some 60 percent of Azerbaijani students, who have studied abroad, are currently involved in the private sector, and the remaining 40 percent in the state sector.


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