Garabag Spa & Resort: A place of luxury and well being

7 July 2015 15:48 (UTC+04:00)

The healing qualities of Naftalan oil have been known for centuries both in Azerbaijan and around the world. Today, anyone can enjoy the medicinal properties of the unique oil at the luxurious Garabag Spa & Resort.

The hotel is located on the beautiful and pristine Naftalan resort, which has been known throughout the world for over 600 years, thanks to the healing properties of its oil deposits.

The Garabag Spa & Resort is more than just a luxury hotel built in the shadow of a beautiful park; it is also a combination of a healthy lifestyle, relaxation, and exquisite cuisine.

With its warm and friendly environment, the attentive staff makes the hotel a favorable place for both single travellers and for a fun and exciting family vacation.

The Garabag Spa & Resort offers a wide range of therapeutic programs based on the legendary Naftalan oil, as well as traditional and special wellness programs.

A salt room, criotherapy, phytotherapy and physiotherapy are just some of the many amenities presented to guests. The hospitable staff is always there to help hotel guests no matter the request.

Most people come for the famous Naftalan oil. For many years the unique oil was used in Azerbaijan and even exported abroad, believed to prevent many diseases. Naftalan is one of a kind deposit in the world. The medicinal properties of the Naftalan oil are said to treat over 70 illnesses.

The tranquility, comfort, and luxury reigning over the area leaves guests feeling rejuvenated and exuberant from the fast pace of modern life.

The hotel with its developed infrastructure and modern facilities offers comfortably furnished rooms and delicious food, as well a variety of entertainment both for children and adults. A special evening program of rest and relaxation is also available for young travellers.

Moreover, the resort offers walking and jogging routes as well as excursions to historical sites and shopping malls on the comfortable hotel bus.

A fitness center, poolside leisure, nordic walking, healing program, mini-golf, children's playground, trade and entertainment center, chaikhana, and even a library are some of the many activities suggested to the vacationer. Those who are able to stay for an extended period of time can even access the business center to stay on top of pressing issues at work.

The holiday package is not complete without delicious Azerbaijani cuisine, which was created solely for the purpose of pleasure and enjoyment. Guests can also enjoy popular European dishes as well.

The favorable location, the friendly hotel staff, and all the necessary conditions for a total relaxation experience both out in the fresh air and inside the hotel make the complex a dream for anyone wanting to forget noisy city life and immerse oneself into nature and wellness.

All prices and additional information are available on the Garabag Spa & Resort website or the Garabag Resort & Spa Facebook page.