Future Shorts to present captivating spring season in Baku

2 May 2014 17:11 (UTC+04:00)

By Nigar Orujova

Baku will see the new spring selection of Future Shorts, the largest short films festival in the world on May 15.

Becoming traditional, this run will be organized by Yarat! Contemporary Art Space again, and Azerbaijan's capital will join the list of 300 cities of 90 countries covered by the festival.

During the 10 years of its existence, the festival has gained the attention of movie fans from Finland to Mexico.

The festival gives professionals and newcomers all over the world an opportunity to become a part of international cinematographic community.

The spring season of this year includes seven noticeable films, and screening of "Zavod" ("Factory") is expected before the main program.

The film is a video report about YARAT's experimental art-project which was carried out last year with the participation of 26 young artists.

"Tooty's wedding", a British movie by Frederic Casella, shows Peter who has always been in love with the beautiful siren Tooty, but is married to the anti-siren Alison who thinks she can talk to dogs. When Tooty flirts with Peter the night before her wedding, a desperate Peter decides that they are destined to be together.

"Into the Middle of Nowhere", another British movie directed by Anna Frances Ewert, lovingly captures the wonder of childhood as kids explore and test the boundaries of reality through play and imagination.

"The captain", a film by Australian film director Nash Edgerton, shows an airplane pilot who wakes up in the wreckage of a crash with a massive hangover, and is confronted with the consequences of his actions.

"Svamp", a Swedish movie by Charlotta Miller, shows Katrin who sits apathetically in her dumpy apartment after being left by her boyfriend. She accidentally witnesses the sufferings of an old lady whose husband has just died. Touched by the old lady's strong emotions, Katrin decides to face her ex-boyfriend.

"The big house", a film by Yemeni director Musa Syeed, is about a Yemeni boy who finds a way into the empty mansion down the street and let himself and his imagination run wild in the big house.

"Fear of flying", an Irish movie by Conor Finnegan, tells the story of Dougal, a small bird that is afraid of flying. At night, Dougal's dreams are plagued with a recurring nightmare of falling down and during the day he prefers to walk wherever he wishes to go rather than face his fears.

"Jonah", a British movie by Kibwe Tavares, shows how a Zanzibari beach boy named Mbwana, who is hungry for the future, creates a myth that transforms his small town into a tourist hot spot; but when reality is far from his dreams, he sets out to destroy the town - or himself.

Hot drinks, balloons, and many pleasant amusements for spectators are expected during the show, which will start at 21.00 at the Green Theatre.