Turkmenistan tests first communications satellite

25 March 2014 12:10 (UTC+04:00)

The Turkmen government reported that installation works have been completed on Turkmenistan's communications satellite TürkmenÄlem 52.00E, which is to be launched in 2014.

"Installation works on the TürkmenÄlem 52.00E communications satellite, including the installation of astronomical measuring instruments and communication equipment for the satellite's all-day management were completed and the testing of the satellite antennas' technical characteristics were conducted," the report reads.

This issue was discussed at a recent government meeting.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed that an artificial satellite will accelerate the development of communications systems, internet and television in the country.

The president tasked to take all necessary measures to ensure an organized and coordinated work on quality service and efficient operation of the modern equipment and training of the professionals.

Turkmenistan's first telecommunications satellite is being built by the French Thales Alenia Space in line with the contract signed in 2011.

The satellite will have three antennas that will cover a part of Europe, Africa and Asia. This satellite will allow Turkmenistan to make a significant breakthrough in the field of telecommunications and other applications such as the internet and mobile communications.

The country's astroclimatic conditions are among the best in the world for conducting astronomical observations, according to some estimates.

In particular, the atmosphere's transparency, favorable wind conditions, and brightness allow conducting more than 2000 hours of observations of space objects over a year.

The artificial satellite can be launched to reach the goals set for the country's national economy. In particular, it will be possible to monitor agricultural fields, conduct research for the oil and gas industry's needs and to carry out environmental surveillance from the space.