Visit Azerbaijan in March to experience a unique sense of spring

7 March 2014 14:54 (UTC+04:00)

By Nigar Orujova

There is never a bad weather for traveling around the world, especially if you want travel to Azerbaijan, the land of nine climatic zones. Azerbaijan welcomes visitors 365 days a year, proposing bright and memorable experience in each season.

However, spring - one of the nicest periods of the year - may be the perfect time for you to visit the capital, Baku, and other regions of Azerbaijan. Lay aside your doubts about the "shoulder season" and take a leave.

Hurry up to witness the nature awakening from the winter sleep and enjoy the lively colors in over 60 regions, situates in mountains and plains, dry lands, and rich soils.

Meteorologists predict warm March for the most parts of the country and especially for Baku, with 7-9 degrees above zero, which is even higher than the climatic norm.

So, wear your topcoat, pack your luggage with light spring clothes and come to one of the all-time favorite holidays of the country: Novruz Bayram, which is our local new year!

Novruz holiday is a symbol of new life, which comes with winter's end and approaching of spring. Renewal of nature and new hopes of people characterize this beloved holiday.

This ancient holiday reflects the culture, and national and spiritual values of Azerbaijanis. Visiting Azerbaijan from March 20, the first day of holidays, will give you a good chance to get to know us from the most shining, colorful and big-hearted side.

Old traditions, hot fire performances, and tasty sweets such as pakhlava, shakarbura are waiting for you at the holiday all around Azerbaijan; from Baku's Old City to each and every settlements across the country.

Musical performances, bonfires, public games such as the comic "Kos-Kosa" show, tightrope walkers contest, wrestling competitions, and other vivid performances are staged on public squares, which attract many tourists.

Moreover, you can also participate in this spring renovation with a traditional jump over bonfire. Azerbaijanis believe the fire is purifying and takes away all your troubles before the start of the New Year.

Start your "Novruz tour" from the main festival in the capital Baku on March 20 and then travel around the country, as this holiday is celebrated for about a week!

Lots of fun awaits for old and young and especially children, as Novruz is the best time for a family trip to Azerbaijan. Prepare yourself for the new year by starting it with this vivifying holiday!

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you want to learn more about traveling to Azerbaijan.