Azerbaijan to use electric cars soon

4 March 2014 10:17 (UTC+04:00)

By Nigar Orujova

Electric cars will be available for rent and hire in Azerbaijan in the near future.

Azerbaijani company Aznur, engaged in renting cars in countries such as Germany, Austria, Australia and Belarus, is to deliver 250-300 electric vehicles from the European manufacturers to Azerbaijan.

The news was announced by Nargiz Isgandarzade, the company's Managing Director, on March 3.

The main advantage of such cars is their environmental friendliness.

It is the first project of its kind in Azerbaijan, she said. Negotiations are currently underway with the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles, and once a contract is signed in the near future, the brand name of the electric vehicles that will be delivered to Azerbaijan will be announced.

The vehicles will be used for rent and hire, but there is also a possibility of their use as taxis in the future.

In addition to using electric vehicles, the company also intends to create an infrastructure for their maintenance, particularly their charging.

The dynamic development of Azerbaijan, especially Baku, requires the use of modern technology prevailing in other countries, and the extensive use of electric vehicles is in that direction, the company believes.

Today, ecological issues are among the most important issues in the country, and the use of such vehicles will contribute to improving the city's atmosphere. Furthermore, electric vehicles are much more economical than those working with gasoline.