Russian films week ongoing in Baku

7 December 2013 12:43 (UTC+04:00)

By Nigar Orujova

A week of Russian films kicked off in Baku on December 5.

Held at the "Nizami" cinema center, the cinema week will screen the best Russian films shot in recent years until December 10.

The event is co-organized by the Azerbaijani Culture and Tourism Ministry, Russian Ministry of Culture, the studio "Fest-film", and the "Nizami" Film Center.

The week will feature films such as "I'll be Near" on December 6, "Spy" on December 7, "Two Days" on December 8, "War on the Territory of Movie" and "Metro" on December 9, and "Ku! Kin-dza-dza!" on December 10.

Admission is free for all visitors.

Opening the ceremony, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan, film director, and film critic Ayaz Salayev noted that Azerbaijan will always be interested in the Russian cinema.

The Russian delegation, including First Deputy Chairman of the Union of cinematographers of Russia Sergey Lazaruk, director of documentary films Igor Grigoryev, theater and film actress Maria Semenova, and Director General of the Fest-Film Studio Irina Korchagina, expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the film week.

Afterwards, "Match", a movie directed by Andrey Malyukov was demonstrated. The historical drama tells the story of a real "death match" between the Soviet players and Luftwaffe team in occupied Kiev in summer 1942.

"We're making a very different movie, and an opportunity to organize a week of Russian films in Azerbaijan came about through the efforts of many people. We thank everyone who helped us! Thank you for receiving us in such a way, feeling us (??) and communicating with us!" Lazaruk said at a press conference before the opening ceremony.

Korchagina spoke about the selection of films included in the program.

"The program includes films shot in the last two years, 2012 and 2013. These films have participated in various international film festivals, and recognized by the jury and the audience. Besides feature films, the program also includes documentaries and animations," she said.

Russian filmmakers also spoke about cooperation between Russian and Azerbaijani cinematographers, noting that unfortunately there is no agreement on co-production.

Grigoryev introduced his film, "The War on the Territory of Movie", included in the program.

"The attitude towards documentaries is changing throughout the world, and spectators are watching documentaries with great interest," he said.

Grigoryev said he would be happy to shot a film in Azerbaijan, if there were any suggestions.

"I am interested in making a film in Azerbaijan. The last time I visited your country was probably 15 years ago. I could not recognize the county. We drove around the city, and I was struck by Baku. I was also struck by the great number of smiling people here," he said.

Semenova spoke about the film "Two Days" in which she played. "It was an interesting and creative immersion. I played a tour guide in the film. I think the film will be interesting to Azerbaijani audience."

The famous Russian actor Alexander Tyutin said he has been in Baku before.

"The last time I was in Baku was a long time age and I came to work here. We were shooting "Drongo" series written by Chingiz Abdullayev. During those years, something magical happened, and Baku has blossomed. And I really wanted to come here to work," he said.