Gerard Depardieu is new star of commercial promoting Azeri cuisine

18 April 2013 12:37 (UTC+04:00)

Having recently acquired a Russian passport and an apartment in Grozny, French actor Gerard Depardieu is now the star of a new commercial promoting Azeri cuisine, the article entitled "Gerard Depardieu Savors the Cuisine of Azerbaijan for a Tourism Commercial" published in the US newspaper "The Atlantic" reads.

"In the spot for Azerbaijan's tourism authorities running on, the French actor sings the praises of Azeri cuisine," the article says. "The plotline revolves around Depardieu sampling a wide array of Azeri dishes presented to him as a scriptwriter reads him passages from a film script about Azerbaijan's natural beauty."

"The country that has that kind of food is obviously a smart country," notes Depardieu, as he takes a break from tasting what he calls "a dream come true."

Azerbaijani media first announced back in July 2011 that Depardieu would film the commercial.