Israel to back Azerbaijan's efforts to revive liberated Aghdam [PHOTO]

26 November 2021 15:47 (UTC+04:00)

By Vugar Khalilov

Ambassador George Deek has said that Israeli companies will support Azerbaijan's efforts to revive Aghdam city liberated from Armenia's occupation on November 20, 2020, after a ceasefire deal earlier signed by Baku, Moscow and Yerevan.

Deek made the remarks on his official Twitter account after visiting Aghdam on November 25.

“Today I visited Aghdam with an Israeli business delegation. We saw a city in wrecks, but we have also seen the inspiring vision for the future. We are hopeful that Aghdam will flourish again, and that Israeli companies will be partners in that effort,” Deek tweeted.

In Aghdam, the Israeli delegation led by Deek was accompanied by the president’s special representative in the liberated part of Aghdam, Emin Huseynov.

 “During the visit, the guests were shown the destroyed monuments and were informed in detail about the reconstruction plan of the city,” Huseynov wrote on his Twitter account referring to the visit.

As a result of its military aggression that lasted until May 12, 1994, Armenia occupied 846.7 square kilometers of Aghdam’s territory, that is, 77.4 percent of the total area.

Some 5,897 people were martyred, 3,531 got disabled and 1,871 children lost parents in the battles for Aghdam over five years. Over 126,000 Aghdam residents were forced to leave their houses.

There are many ancient architectural and cultural monuments - the Khanoghlu mausoleum, the Panah khan mausoleum, the Panah khan mansion, two chest-like monuments, the 15th-century Sardaba and Hatem Malik fortresses, the Juma mosque and the Shahbulag mosque in Aghdam.

The reconstruction began in Aghdam, known as Hiroshima of the Caucasus, after its liberation.

Under the city’s general plan, new residential and administrative buildings, as well as, gardens and parks will be created in Aghdam. The smart social infrastructure will be established, 15 schools and kindergartens will be built in the city.

Initially, a big forest park stretching 125 hectares will be laid out in Aghdam. The Aghdam Canal, which is being restored, will pass through the city and water will drain into the lake that will be created here.

An Industry Park will also be built in Aghdam. It will be divided into social and technical zones. The park will also have the food, light industry, services sectors, and big industrial enterprises.

The bases for the sale of building materials and a park for vehicles will be created in the Industry Park.

It is planned to open the enterprises producing building materials, meat and dairy factories, establish a wine and feed production, produce and process fertilizers, organize the packing of agricultural products, produce canned fruits and vegetables.

Aghdam's strategic and geographical location will expand the possibilities to turn it into an industrial center of the Karabakh region.


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