Fuzuli International Airport to strengthen presence of Azerbaijan in int'l markets - Peter Tase

8 November 2021 18:00 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Fuzuli International Airport will strengthen the presence of Azerbaijan in international markets, Peter Tase, US expert, strategic adviser on international affairs and public diplomacy to governments, universities, and corporations in Europe and the Americas, told Trend.

Tase noted that unique vision and statecraft of President Ilham Aliyev have enabled the nation of Azerbaijan to appreciate the tremendous benefits of large public projects and infrastructure developments that raise tremendously raise the level of life and welfare quality in the country and the region.

“The Karabakh region is poised to become a major transportation hub for the principal Eurasian commercial routes and the International Airport of Fuzuli will strengthen the presence of Azerbaijan in international markets and further promote the organic food and beverage products of Karabakh, across many distant nations in the world. Fuzuli district has experienced a major infrastructure development - that could have never been imagined in the 1990s - these remarkable projects have a direct impact on the national economy of Azerbaijan, increase the levels of employment, promote international trade,” Tase said.

He noted that Fuzuli International Airport represents great economic development thrust encompassed by the Government of Azerbaijan, serves as a formidable example of architectural style cultivated in Karabakh and will constantly connect the large markets of Latin America, Europe and Asia with the impressive organic food and beverage products made in Azerbaijan.


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