Cabinet of Ministers sets order regarding entry country by rail

11 September 2021 15:42 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

The order of entry into the territory of Azerbaijan of persons and goods by railway transport through checkpoints across the state border has been established, as the corresponding decision was signed by Prime Minister Ali Asadov, Trend reports citing the Cabinet of Ministers.

Control measures imposed by legislation on border and customs authorities in connection with the passage of persons and goods through checkpoints across the state border by rail are taken taking into account the type of rail transport passing through these points, infrastructural and geographic conditions on the territory of checkpoints and carried out according to the scheme approved by the chairman of the State Customs Committee and the head of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan, at checkpoints across the state border at points of movement and stopping of wagons, as well as during the movement of trains.

The following set of rules also applies, as comes from the new order:

- when carrying out border and customs control of passenger trains at the border station, all entrances / exits to the restricted area are guarded or closed. Employees of two bodies (if necessary, together with employees of other bodies in connection with the exercise of powers established by law) are allowed on passenger trains in connection with the performance of their official duties;

- at checkpoints across the state border, an internal and external inspection of admitted passenger trains is carried out, and during their conduct, border and customs authorities can use service dogs;

- verification of documents of persons on passenger trains is carried out directly in the carriages. The border guard checks whether the persons have documents giving the right to cross the border, identifies the photo contained in the document with the person who presented the document, and also conducts their biometric registration;

- to ensure the return of tickets to passengers who are not allowed to cross the state border on the grounds provided for by the law of Azerbaijan, the border authorities, in the presence of the head of the train (the conductor of the carriage), shall submit one copy of the act to the head of the train (the conductor of the carriage) and the person who got off the train, and one copy is kept in the authorities border guard;

- border and customs authorities jointly carry out control on the train, including checking compartments, vestibules, heating and sanitary units, transition areas, gaps between the ceiling and the covering of the car and other suspicious places in order to identify violators of the state border of Azerbaijan and smuggling;

- check on passenger trains should not exceed 60 minutes, but depending on the number of passengers and time of day, if necessary, the time of border and customs control may be extended;

- control, as well as clearance of goods transported in passenger and freight trains, including unaccompanied and transported in baggage cars, sent in baggage and mail cars, are carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the border and customs legislation of Azerbaijan.


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