President Aliyev: Countries recognizing so-called “Armenian genocide” do not want to recognize Khojaly genocide

14 August 2021 22:18 (UTC+04:00)

“The Khojaly genocide took place right before the eyes of the world. This is an event of recent history. However, many countries do not want to see it, and only 13 countries have recognized the Khojaly massacre as an act of genocide. Of course, this is also a great achievement because when I came to power, the number of these countries was zero,” said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in his interview with CNN Turk TV channel.

“Our efforts, as well as our proper campaigning, awareness-raising steps, exhibitions and presentations have played an important role in conveying the truth about the victims of Khojaly to many countries. Of course, we have relations with other countries. We have gained many allies in recent years. However, the countries that recognize the so-called “Armenian genocide”, that far-fetched “genocides” do not want to recognize the Khojaly genocide. They accept fake history. It is clear that the main factor here is political. But it is an injustice to ignore a real genocide. We have been living with this injustice for a long time. We have grown accustomed to it and are not surprised,” the head of state said.