Second Karabakh War veterans examined by world-renowned doctors [PHOTO]

13 August 2021 15:59 (UTC+04:00)

By Ayya Lmahamad

Azerbaijan’s Yashat Foundation, which was set up to help families of soldiers killed and injured during the Second Karabakh War, continues to provide support to the wounded war veterans.

The foundation with the organizational support of the Health Ministry, has invited world-renowned doctors to examine veterans of the Second Karabakh war.

From August 12-14, Professor of Neurology at Copenhagen University and President of International Headache Society Messoud Ashina and other doctors will examine the participants of the Great Patriotic War suffering from severe headaches and prescribe appropriate treatment to each of them at Baku Health Center.

It should be noted that Messoud Ashina, an Azerbaijani professor and an active member of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Denmark, has been appointed a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation by the presidential order.

The Foundation organizes regular examinations and treatment of injured war veterans by doctors located both in Azerbaijan and abroad.

Set up by the presidential decree in December 2020, the foundation’s work covers the families of servicemen killed or disabled during the war and also the families of employees of state bodies (institutions) who became disabled or lost their lives while serving in the liberated lands or while removing the consequences of military operations in the liberated lands.

The Foundation has allocated AZN 22.6 million ($13.2M) to improve living conditions of martyrs' families and wounded servicemen after receiving 5,667 appeals from them, as well as AZN 5.6 million ($3.2M) were allocated to pay for the medical and educational expenses of 2,357 such citizens. The Foundation also repaid AZN 3.8 million ($2.2M) in loans following appeals by 1,152 martyrs' family members and disabled war veterans.

Yashat receives donations made through voluntary financial assistance provided by Azerbaijani citizens, Azerbaijanis living abroad, other individuals and legal entities, as well as other sources not prohibited by law.

As of August 13, the foundation has collected over AZN 61.7 million ($36.3M).


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