Pallone amendment against Azerbaijan seriously harming foreign policy interests of US - analyst

4 August 2021 18:00 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

The Pallone amendment against Azerbaijan is seriously harming the foreign policy interests of the United States, Peter Tase, US expert, strategic adviser on international affairs and public diplomacy to governments, universities, and corporations in Europe and the Americas told Trend on Aug. 4.

“Such phrases included in the H. R. 4373 are indeed a blow to American democratic standards and is shattering the image of Washington throughout the world,” the expert said.

“United States House of Representatives has made one of the biggest mistakes over the last thirty years when approving the Pallone amendment, once again members of Congress have fallen prey to Armenian propaganda and disinformation campaign that have always fanned the flames of turmoil,” Tase added.

“With the passage of this bill, the US Congress has given a green light to Armenian autocratic leaders to continue robbing their own countrymen and encourage the flourishing of the drug and weapons trade under the guidance of Yerevan leadership,” the expert said.

“It is appalling to see that US Congress has not conducted an independent study of the current bilateral relations between United States and Azerbaijan, but its members instead have voted in favor of chaos, turmoil and supported the violation of international laws with the approval of H. R. 4373,” Tase said.

“Today, we see a fully distanced Washington from the Caucasus region and Armenian lobbyists are pouring millions of dollars to the personal coffers of various congressman, such as Frank Pallone and others, in order to move forward with their nasty smear campaign against the Government of Azerbaijan,” Tase said.

“Once again US House of Representatives has proved to be a pawn of Armenian diaspora and is tarnishing America's legendary democratic institutions,” the expert said.


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