Those who pushed for Pallone amendment benefit from relationship with Armenian diaspora in US - Matthew Bryza

2 August 2021 18:15 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Those who pushed for The Pallone amendment benefit from the relationship with the Armenian diaspora in the US, former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Matthew Bryza told Trend .

“It is absolutely clear who is behind this amendment because it is called “The Pallone amendment”,” Bryza added. “I am sure you know that Congressman Frank Pallone is one of Armenia’s strongest supporters in the US House of Representatives.”

“He is a congressman from New Jersey,” former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan said. “New Jersey is the same state where Robert Menendez senator and he was one of two senators who blocked my nomination as ambassador to Azerbaijan.”

“So these people benefit from the relationship with the Armenian diaspora in the US specifically with the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) which is the US branch of the Dashnaktsutyun or also known as Armenian revolutionary fund (Federation) who are the most radical nationalists in Armenia and so that organization in Armenia and then in the US is ANCA they build up hatred towards Azerbaijan and Turkey as a way to build political support and financial support for themselves,” Bryza said. “That is who is behind this amendment.”

“It should be no surprise that the Pallone amendment is against Azerbaijan and Turkey,” former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan said.

“I hope that Azerbaijan’s leadership and citizens realize this is simply what Congressman Pallone does,” Bryza added. “He is able together with the Armenian National Committee of America to build a narrative or a story about the 44-day of second Karabakh war that claimed the Azerbaijan was the aggressor and Armenia was the victim and in the information you send me you see ridiculous claims that Azerbaijan somehow attacked as they put it “Armenian lands”, what they call it “Artsakh”, that are indigenously Armenian.”

“That is absolutely untrue,” Bryza said. “First of all Nagorno Karabakh is not indigenously Armenian. Secondly, we all know all the seven surrounding territories of Nagorno Karabakh are indigenously Azerbaijan’s and that’s why the UN Security Council stated in its four resolutions back in 1993 that Armenia must end its occupation and depart immediately from those territories.”

“So what’s happening is that Congressman Pallone has been able to build president Bayden’s recognition of the Armenian genocide to convince members of the House of the Representatives who don’t understand the history of Eastern Anatolia or the end of World War I,” Bryza said. “They realized if they go along with the congressman Pallone then maybe they will also get some money from this group of Armenian National Committee of America.”

“By the way, if you read the story carefully, you will see that even though two sources of funding for US-Azerbaijan military cooperation are blocked by this amendment, the US department of Defense still retains the freedom to work together with Azerbaijan’s ministry of Defense regardless of this amendment,” former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan said. “Plus this amendment has not passed the US senate either.”

“The bottom line of all is that Azerbaijan needs to work very hard to make sure the truth about this 44-day of second Karabakh war comes out and the truth of it is the fact that Azerbaijan was liberating its own territories as recognized by the UN Security Council,” Bryza said.


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