Tahir Salahov's painting shown in Russia [PHOTO]

29 July 2021 11:57 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

Reproduction of Tahir Salahov's painting "For You, Humanity!" has been displayed on an art track in Russia within "Follow Art" project. 

The largest car participating in the project showcases a reproduction of one of the artist's most famous canvases, Trend Life reported. 

Founded by FineArtWay company, the project specializes in art logistics and works with museums and galleries.

As part of the project, specialized vehicles designed to move art works from one museum to another are being transformed into a monumental public display area. The art truck route map covers the whole of Russia.

"For You, Humanity!" was created in 1961 by Tahir Salahov in Severe Style.

This painting is considered one of the most famous works of the artist. Since the huge canvas did not fit in Salahov's workshop, he painted it in a room not far from the school. The painting is kept in the Azerbaijan National Art Museum.

The world-renowned artist created a series of portraits, landscape pictures, still-life paintings and large many-figured paintings.

His paintings such as "Oilmen", "Portrait of Gara Garayev", "Woman of Absheron" and "Aydan" have become the most beloved works.

Salahov's works are presented in the biggest museums of Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other states of the former USSR, and are kept in many museum and private collections around the world.

He was the chairman of the Union of Azerbaijan Artists, a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic. In 1973, he was elected first secretary of the Union of Artists of the USSR, and in 1997 he was elected vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts.

People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Tahir Salahov passed away in Germany this May. 


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