Int'l project "Scintillation Paintings" presented in Baku [PHOTO]

28 July 2021 11:55 (UTC+04:00)

For more than four years, the Mincə Sənət Gallery has presented abroad the artwork of Azerbaijani artists. Our exhibitions in Paris, Dubai, Brussels, and Luxembourg sparked much curiosity and delight owing to the creativity of our painters and once again demonstrated to European connoisseurs and art lovers the unique versatility of Azerbaijan's culture.

Receiving genuine interest in exhibition after exhibition, we built plans for the future. The current pandemic has forced us to make adjustments and postpone certain projects. However, the current reality, in which the whole world is involved, could not in any way slow down the creative process, which always remains outside of time and limitations.

And now the time has come when we can say that the long-awaited moment of returning to active life is here; therefore, the time is now for the implementation of projects and ideas that have accumulated during the unforeseen pause. Moreover, it was this pause which allowed us, to some extent, to rethink much of what was perceived as ordinary. We committed ourselves to reflect and find something new that would allow us to present creative endeavors in different angles, something which will give artwork even more breath.

The restrictive measures of the strict quarantine regime of 2020 have in fact opened up almost unlimited possibilities, affording the virtual space of the Internet to the implementation of projects of various formats. This space is especially conducive to art projects; it allows authors of various fields in art to unite on digital platforms. The effectiveness of this approach is so high that today, under certain restrictions, it is becoming a leading form in the world of art and cultural events. And thus...

The Mincə Sənət Gallery presents a new international project, ‘Scintillation: Paintings’ (web-hosted in Germany), a collection of original paintings in digital format. This is a fully-fledged virtual exhibition. We proudly note that we have not changed our mission; the Scintillation Paintings project continues the main and original idea of uniting all Azerbaijanis living in different countries and on different continents. We went one step further, however, and invited foreign artists to join us in order to win many more hearts in the name of art. To give all creative people the opportunity to ‘speak out’ on our sites… This virtual exhibition includes paintings by 47 artists from 10 countries. It presents works by highly talented individuals from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Estonia, Germany, France, Italy, the USA, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Scintillation Paintings project is a space where a kind of cultural exchange takes place in creative unison. Here, artists can demonstrate their artistic skills and various techniques of creative expression. Another main message of this virtual exhibition is that of support for one other during this difficult transition period, one where under the weight of the prevailing circumstances, artists have been deprived of an active exhibition life. Exhibitions are a necessity for them. After all, all of their artwork focuses on the resultant dialogue with the viewer.

The Scintillation Paintings Project makes it Free to Fuse! Therefore, the chosen style is not surprising - FUSION, which, in addition to being our most beloved, has also directly determined our idea of a virtual exhibition. In a single space, this project represents different types of painting and techniques in no less diverse works. Animalism, household and portrait painting, still lifes, and much more are presented to the attention of a large global audience in digital format. This allows you to feel the atmosphere of a fully-fledged exhibition, when you can slowly examine the strokes of every painter, and at the same time, approach the picture step by step, as if submersing yourself into the author's personal world.

The Scintillation Paintings project is not be limited to the virtual side of the exposition... The paintings should alongside the viewer! Therefore, some of the participating artwork will be exhibited in the Mincə Sənət Gallery in central Baku, accompanied by silk shawls, which we present within. The original design in the national traditions of the artist Narmina Ulukhanova will add additional ‘sound’ to the work of the project and emphasize its fusion style.

Throughout the month, we invite everyone to come and feel the joy of ‘live communication’ with others again. This extends to both those for whom fine art is an integral part of life, and those who are just discovering this amazing world… where the palette, through the artist's perception of the world, suggests seeing the familiar differently, and giving the ordinary a new interpretation. The Scintillation Paintings project, curated by the Mincə Sənət Gallery and web-hosted by Kunst Matrix in Germany, is an expansion of the horizons of artistic ideas.


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