Music lovers enjoy sounds of Azerbaijan [PHOTO]

16 July 2021 13:32 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Isayilova

Famous saxophonist Rain Sultanov has thrilled music lovers with a spectacular concert.

The concert program "Seven Sounds of Azerbaijan" took place in the prestigious "Jazz At The Top" Club.

"Seven Sounds of Azerbaijan" project is inspired by Azerbaijan's natural wonders.

Rain Sultanov and his music team traveled across the country for true artistic inspiration.

Majestic folded mountain ranges, green valleys, mud volcanoes impressed the musicians, who reflected all their feelings and emotions through music.

The music pieces were recorded in Norway. The exciting journey across Azerbaijan was filmed by the German film group. The film was screened at the Berlin Documentary Film Festival.

For Rain Sultanov, jazz is a way to communicate intellectually with the whole world. Not every musician can thrill the audience from the first notes, especially in jazz music.

Rain Sultanov masterfully owns this gift, his musical magic allows not only to captivate the audience,  but also to plunge each listener into  a wonderful dream, full of a wide range of emotions and feelings.

Rain Sultanov's music presents an amazing balance between harmony and emotional outburst, controlled chaos, which impresses with high technique and unexpected improvisations.

All this is clearly manifested in the project "Seven Sounds of Azerbaijan" that plunges the audience into a magical atmosphere.

The project "Seven Sounds of Azerbaijan" resonates with another project "Voice of Karabakh". Rain Sultanov worked hard on this project. And now the musician celebrates Azerbaijan's victory in the 44-day Patriotic War.

The album "Seven Sounds of Azerbaijan" contains improvisations on a high note, in honor of the victory, as well as minor moments of mourning in memory of the heroes who fought for Azerbaijan's territorial integrity.

Rain Sultanov is a highly acclaimed musician and composer. His contributions have been highlighted in the world jazz encyclopedia and are associated with the development of modern Azerbaijani jazz.

"Seven Sounds of Azerbaijan" has turned into a series of private concerts at Jazz At The Top, which offers the best live music.


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