Azerbaijani captives were forced to demolish houses, fill trucks with stones - testimony

23 June 2021 18:15 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Azerbaijani captives [during the first Karabakh war] were forced to demolish buildings and fill up 35 'Kamaz' trucks with stones per day, said Garib Valiyev in his testimony at the court session on the criminal case of Armenian servicemen Ludwig Mkrtychyan and Alesha Khosrovyan, who tortured Azerbaijani prisoners during the First Karabakh War, said, Trend reports.

He said that all the Armenians who lived in Karabakh and tortured Azerbaijani prisoners spoke in the Azerbaijani language.

"Even their children took courses in the Azerbaijani language in Yerevan," Valiyev said.

Another captive, Kamil Babayev, said that in 1994, while serving in the ranks of the Azerbaijani army, he was caught in a snowstorm, and the Armenian servicemen, having deceived him, captured him.

“On February 14, I was in the mountains, a strong snowstorm began, we got lost and lost sight of other soldiers. We went down to the village, where we hid. Then they saw 3-4 people walking from below. Seeing us, they told us not to be afraid, and that they are allegedly from Dashkasan district. However they deceived us, attacked us from behind, stunned us. When we woke up, we saw that our hands were tied.”

“We were taken to a rocky place in Kelbajar, tied with our feet to each other so that we could not run. When we got to Kelbajar, the Armenian soldiers began to beat us. Those who took us prisoner stopped them, then they took us to the military unit, where they kept us under lock and key, and then they took us to the Shusha prison. There Mkrtychyan wanted to pull out my teeth, but it didn't work out - my teeth broke. They starved us, beat us 3-4 times every day, broke my nose. Three months after my capture, I was allowed to bathe in cold water,” Babayev said.

“I know Mkrtychyan and Khosrovyan from the Shusha prison. Both punched and kicked me, beat me with rebar. I was taken to Khankandi, where I worked as a laborer on the construction of a house. During the day we were forced to work, and in the evening they were sent to prison, where Mkrtychyan and Khosrovyan beat us again."


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