Ex-president: War-promising election remarks dangerous for Armenia

16 June 2021 14:24 (UTC+04:00)

By Vafa Ismayilova

Former Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosyan has described second President Robert Kocharyan's war-promising election remarks as dangerous for the country.

He made the remarks on Armenia's Public TV while commenting on Kocharyan's statement about the possibility to resume Armenia's occupation of Shusha and Hadrut.

He said that the whole world considers Karabakh to be part of Azerbaijan and that Armenia has no allies in its disagreement with this issue.

"This can lead to problems. Robert Kocharyan promises a new war. Who will urge Azerbaijan to leave [liberated territories]? The whole world considers Karabakh to be a part of Azerbaijan. It restored only a part [of its territories], no one condemned Azerbaijan. This is the law of this world," he said.

He added that Armenia will be urged to agree with the fact that Nagorno-Karabakh "has become" a part of Azerbaijan.

"Nothing depends on us, all is over," he added.

Ter-Petrosyan predicted further post-election clashes in the country.

"The current pre-election campaign is full of insults and sharp confrontation. This is just the beginning. There will be post-election developments, clashes, the two main parties are ready for anything," he said.

Ter-Petrosyan denied that he called his successors Tatar Mongols.

“I said that the state created by Robert Kocharyan is a state of the Tatar-Mongol system. And now I say this, this is a scientific concept," he added.

The former president added that the country's intelligentsia is not doing what it should do - balancing the serious confrontation between the authorities and the opposition.

The early parliamentary election in Armenia will be held on June 20. The election campaign officially started on June 7.

Some experts earlier predicted that internal political confrontations in Armenia will continue even after the election. Most likely, the parliamentary majority will not be formed after the election. As a result, tense debates, sometimes even battles, are expected to take place in the parliament, affecting the internal political situation.

It is believed that Azerbaijan, unfortunately, will not have a reliable partner in the person of Armenia to resolve very pressing issues of the post-war reality. To implement these decisions, political will and strong power are needed, which Armenia isn't going to have.


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