Israeli expert says Azerbaijan's getting minefield map of Aghdam - great victory of President Aliyev

14 June 2021 13:28 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Obtaining of a map of the minefields of Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district from Armenia is a great diplomatic, political and international victory of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Israeli lawyer, an expert in international law and international politics, Mikhail Finkel told Trend.

According to Finkel, the president did the impossible, because no one could imagine that this was achievable.

“It’s no secret how many people are blown up by mines, and how Azerbaijani journalists have recently died, and what a huge danger is posed by these mines. Therefore, I congratulate Azerbaijan on this victory.”

He also noted that after extreme pressure on Armenia by different countries, the Armenian side agreed to transfer the maps of the minefields of the Aghdam district to Azerbaijan in exchange for 15 arrested Armenians [the transfer took place on June 12].

“I would like to believe that the maps of other districts will also be given to Azerbaijan,” Finkel emphasized, adding that the transfer of the minefield map will have a positive effect on the further development of the liberated territories [Azerbaijani territories, including Aghdam district, liberated from Armenian occupation as a result of the second Karabakh war from late Sept. to early Nov.2020].

"I will remain moderately optimistic that this will be the first step, and maps of minefields of other districts will also be transferred in the future," concluded Finkel.


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