Armenia must be held accountable for landmine terror it committed - MP

11 June 2021 10:52 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

It is even more evident now, after the recent confessions of the Armenian Colonel Koryun Gumashyan that Armenian militants have indeed planted a large number of mines in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani MP Konul Nurullayeva said.

"For now, we have the confession of only one serviceman who revealed the 17 trucks of mines planted," the MP said. "What about the hundreds of such servicemen who have not even talked yet?"

"They are openly demanding the return of the terrorist saboteurs," Nurullayeva said. "That is, although some Armenian circles claim that a map of the mined areas does not exist, to begin with, the confessions of the Armenian military disproves the attempts of the country to evade responsibility. With the given information, we can once again confirm that Armenians indeed possess the map of the mined areas. The invaders simply do not want to present these maps."

"Their intention here is clear - to end the lives of as many Azerbaijanis as possible in the post-conflict period and to prevent the return of former IDPs to their ancestral homes," the MP said. "Of course, Azerbaijan, from the very first day, has initiated the recovery process in Karabakh. Everything is being done systematically."

"The area is being cleared of mines, as well," Nurullayeva said. "Only because of the large scope of the mined area, the map is required. Yet it seems that Armenia does not intend to give the maps willingly. In this regard, the international community must increase pressure on Armenia."

"There is still no pressure made on Armenia over the incident that happened on June 4 in Kalbajar, as a result of which 3 people, including media representatives, were killed and 4 were injured," the MP said. "The way the international media organizations and the co-chairs responded to this incident is truly disappointing. None of the statements made called on Armenia to provide a map of the mined areas."

"Armenia should have been forced to provide the map of the mined areas," Nurullayeva said. "That day, journalists became victims of landmines while on their duties. This should be considered a crime against the world media as a whole because even the international missions and media representatives visit these areas."

"There is a reason to be concerned about the safety of those people, as well," the MP said. "As a fact, these acts committed by Armenians prove that they continue to commit series of crimes of the most serious kind. Just as they did during the war and the overall occupation period. During the occupation, as well as, during the ceasefire, the civilian population, including minors, fell victim to the Armenian sniper. During the 44-day war, Armenia killed multiple innocent civilians by opening fire to areas outside the conflict zone."

"This is purely a war crime, and Armenia must be tried and punished with the most severe punishment for these crimes," the MP said. "However, unfortunately, even during the 44-day war, Armenia was not condemned properly. Today, we still cannot observe any condemnation attempts towards the terrorist state. This injustice cannot keep going. All states must show interest in and take substantial steps towards ensuring lasting peace in the region."


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