Happy to represent home country in Aerobic Gymnastics World Age Group Competitions - Azerbaijani gymnasts

20 May 2021 11:40 (UTC+04:00)

By Trend

Azerbaijani athletes, 12-year-old Fidan Ibrahimova and 15-year-old Dilara Gurbanova shared their attitude to the 9th Aerobic Gymnastics World Age Group Competitions, Trend reports.

“It’s the great happiness and a huge responsibility for us to represent our home country at the 9th Aerobic Gymnastics World Age Group Competitions in Baku,” the athletes said.

"At the competitions, I perform in the trio, as well as in a group. This is my first major competition. Of course, when I learned about participating in them, I was overcome with excitement,” Ibrahimova, who has been doing gymnastics since the age of seven, noted. “At the same time, I’m very glad that the competition is held in my native country. Preparations for them were efficient, the podium training was rather good, but there is always something to strive for, so we will continue to work.”

“It’s pitiful that the audience won’t be able to personally enjoy the performances of the competitors. We got accustomed to the presence of spectators in the hall, but we know that they will still cheer for us and follow the performances online," she added.

Dilara Gurbanova stressed that she will try to do everything to demonstrate her performance at the highest level.

"I participate in the individual program. For me, this is also the first major competition. I hope that the Azerbaijani team will be able to show a good result,” the athlete said. “We were excited to learn about the competition, but thanks to the coach, his support and guidance, we were able to get together and began to train efficiently.”

“The main thing is to believe in yourself and perform at your maximum. My, like any athlete's goals and objectives, are to show the best result," the gymnast noted.

Speaking about podium training, Gurbanova added that all Azerbaijani gymnasts are doing their best and strive for more.

The 9th Aerobic Gymnastics World Age Group Competitions will take place on May 21-23 at the National Gymnastics Arena in Bakuetition. Over 200 athletes from 18 countries will take part in them.

Gymnasts in the age categories 12-14 and 15-17 will compete for the championship in the framework of the competition.

Gymnasts will perform in both age categories in the individual program, in mixed pairs, trios, groups in both qualifications and finals. In addition, athletes in the 15-17 age group will compete in the aerobic dance program.

Azerbaijan will be represented at the competition by Leyla Abdullazade, Arzu Aghayeva, Leyla Ahmadova, Sara Alikhanli, Aylin Aliyeva, Rovshan Baghirzade, Leyla Bezhanova, Dilara Gurbanova, Fidan Ibrahimova, Aliya Ismayilova, Sanam Kazimova, Evelilina Kozlovskaya, Emilia Mahmudova, and Maryam Topchubashova.

The competitions will be held in accordance with the quarantine measures in force in Azerbaijan, taking into account sanitary and epidemiological requirements and without spectators.


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