Netherlands issues stamps dedicated to eminent cultural figures [PHOTO]

3 May 2021 16:35 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

The Netherlands's PostNL has issued stamps dedicated to Azerbaijan's cultural figures, renown composer Jovdat Hajiyev and folk dancer Amina Dilbazi. 

The stamps were issued as part of the project titled "Treasures of Azerbaijan" by Azerbaijani choreographer Saltanat Ravangizi, Trend Life reported.

"As part of the project, I decided to issue stamps in honor of my teacher, queen of Azerbaijani dance Amina Dilbazi and one of the founders of Azerbaijani symphony, composer Jovdat Hajiyev. I would like to note that stamps are already used by PostNL and have even reached Australia," she said.

Jovdat Hajiyev left behind a legacy of masterpieces. Among them are eight symphonies, three tone poems, opera "Veten"(Motherland) written in collaboration with Gara Garayev, string quartets, ballade and sonata for piano, solo and choral works and many others. His works are among the jewels of classical music that continue to delight listeners and glorify music of Azerbaijan all over the world. 

As a ballet master, Amina Dilbazi staged many folk dances, the most famous ones being (in addition to Turaji) Innabi, Tarakama, Mirzai and Naz Elama.

In 1949, she started working as a dance instructor at the Baku School of Choreography. In the following decades, she was the choreographer for a number of Azerbaijani musicals, including the 1956 film version of "If Not That One, Then This One", where Dilbazi herself featured performing a dance in one of the scenes.

The laws of the Netherlands allow individuals to issue stamps. Earlier, the postage stamps "Khari Bulbul" were issued in memory of the martyrs of the Nagorno-Karabakh war martyrs. Moreover, stamps dedicated to Sakit Mammadov's paintings "Bahar gizi" and "Sibel" were also released at the initiative of the Saltanat Ravangizi. 

Saltanat Ravangizi was born in Baku. Since childhood, she has been engaged in dancing, performing in the ensembles "Chinar" and "Jujalarim". Saltanat Ravangizi studied at the Choreographic School with the legendary dancer and choreographer, People's Artist of Azerbaijan Amina Dilbazi.

She performed as a member of "Nur ensemble" led by People's Artist Nisa Gasimova. In 1992, she graduated with honors from the Azerbaijan Institute of Arts.

Saltanat Ravangizi is one of the first artists of independent Azerbaijan to perform at the State Theater of Ankara. In 2004, she married a professional football player. She lives and works in the Netherlands.

She takes an active part in the activities of the Azerbaijani Diaspora. The choreographer is currently teaching Azerbaijani, Oriental and Latin American dances.


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