National gymnasts reach final of European Championship [PHOTO]

23 April 2021 12:50 (UTC+04:00)

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijani gymnasts have reached the final of the European Championship in Artistic Gymnastics in Basel, Switzerland. 

In total, Ivan Tikhonov scored 81.432 points as a result of floor (13.400 points), gymnastic horse (13.166 points), the rings (14.200 points), vault (14.200 points), parallel bars (13.833 points), crossbar (12.633 pi points) exercises.

Agamurad Gahramanov won 12.766 points for the floor exercise and 13.400 points at vault competition.

For exercise on parallel bars, the gymnast scored 9.108 points. Moreover, Gahramanov received 9.933 points for  exercises on the crossbar.

Gahramanov's total score for four exercises was 45.207 points.

Nikita Simonov performed in only one form - an exercise on the rings. The gymnast scored 14,000 points.

Marina Nekrasova scored 13.983 points at vault competition and ranked fourth. Nekrasova also performed an exercise on a balance beam, scoring 10.633 points.

Another Azerbaijani gymnast Milana Minakovskaya scored a total of 41.974 points based on the results of vault (12.100 points), uneven bars (9.500 points), beam (8.708 points) and floor exercises (11.666 points).

The European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics will last until April 25. The competition is attended by 268 athletes from 38 countries.

Azerbaijan's men's gymnastics team includes Agamurad Gahramanov, Ivan Tikhonov, Nikita Simonov.

Founded in 1956, AGF comprises seven gymnastics disciplines recognized by the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG). 

The federation has experienced a revival since 2002. The renewed federation has brought gymnastics to a completely new level.

The high-level organization of the gymnastics events did not remain unnoticed. The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) included the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) into the list of the meritorious federations. 

For many years, the AGF has been included in the FIG list of the Top 10 gymnastics federations.

From 2014 to 2019, the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation was included in the list of FIG 10 strongest federations and for the last three years, it has led the list.

In 2020, AGF managed to host 3 competitions at the beginning of the year. 

First, the trampoline gymnasts visited Baku to participate in the World Cup qualifiers for the Olympic Games. Afterwards, the young men's gymnasts competed for the AGF Junior Trophy.

Moreover, Azerbaijani gymnasts managed to win 2 silver and 1 bronze medal during the competition. 

Another licensed competition for the Olympics - the World Cup in gymnastics was also organized in the country. 

The most successful event for the national gymnasts in 2020 was the participation in the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Ukraine. 

The gymnastic team consisting of Zeynab Hummatova, Darya Sorokina, Maryam Safarova, Laman Alimuradova and Elizabeth Luzan, won a silver medal all-around. This medal is the first medal in the history of Azerbaijan's rhythmic gymnastics won by the national team in a group all-around competition. 

The national team also won bronze medals in the competition with 3 hoops and 2 pairs of clubs.

The next medal was won by the team as well. Narmin Bayramova, Alina Gozalova, Ilona Zeynalova, Leyli Agazade grabbed bronze according to the total number of the joint points.

In addition, a joint virtual competition in rhythmic gymnastics was also organized for gymnasts from Azerbaijan and Israel.

The competition, called "Battle", was attended by teams from both countries licensed for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

AGF also focuses on improving the skills of coaches and referees. Thus, the gymnastics courses were organized for local judges and coaches last year.


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